ISL Ch. 12

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  1. What type of machine is made of more than one simple machine?
    Compound machine
  2. What is a quantity of energy transferred by a force when applied to a body to move in the direction of the force?
  3. What is the rate at which work is done?
  4. Equation for Power?
    P= w/t
  5. What are the units for Power
  6. How do machines give you advantage?
    Machines multiply and redirect force.
  7. What is the difference between a machine with a mechanical advantage greater than 1 and a machine with a mechanical advantage of less than 1?
    Greater than one multiplies the input force. Less than one increases distance and speed.
  8. What is a quantity that measures how much a machine multiplies force or distance?
    Mechanical advantage
  9. Name the six types of simple machines.
    • Lever
    • Pulley
    • Wheel and Axle
    • Inclined Plane
    • Screw
    • Wedge
  10. What simple machines are in the lever family?(3)
    Simple lever, pulley, wheel and Axle
  11. What simple machines are in the lever family?(3)
    Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw
  12. What is a class 1 lever. Describe placement.
    Load is at one end, the effort arm is at the other. The fulcrum is closer to the load.
  13. What is a class 2 lever? Describe placement.
    Fulcrum is at one end. Load is in the middle. Effort arm is at the end opposite of the fulcrum, pushing upwards.
  14. What is a class 3 lever? Describe placement.
    Fulcrum at one end, Load at other. Effort arm in the middle, pushing upward.
  15. Why does a simple pulley have a mechanical advantage of 1?
    Input and output force are the same weight.
  16. What is a block and tackle?
    Multiple pulleys working together to reduce amount of input force needed.
  17. Explain how inclined planes work.
    They distribute the force over a longer distance, making the amount of work needed, less.
  18. What is energy measured in?
    Joules (J)
  19. What are the two types of potential energy?
    • Gravitational potential energy
    • Elastic potential energy
  20. What is kinetic energy?
    Energy of a moving object due to its motion.
  21. Where is the highest amount of potential energy on the picture? Kinetic?Image Upload 1
    • PE=at the top of the slope.
    • KE=at the bottom of the slope.
  22. What is the Law of Conservation of Energy?
    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
  23. What is efficiency?
    % of work done in time.
  24. Why cant efficiency of a machine be 100%?
    Because of loss due to friction.
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