CDC4 Aerospace Propulsion

  1. Which 54H60-91 propeller subassembly transmits engine torque to the propeller blades?
  2. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which component delivers the actual propeller blade angle from the blade to the control assembly?
    Beta feedback shaft
  3. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which is a function of the pitchlock regulator?
    Prevents the blades from decreasing pitch if hydraulic pressure is lost.
  4. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which pitchlock component mechanically holds the stationary and rotating pitchlock ratchets apart during reversing and unfeathering operations?
    Pitchlock control cam
  5. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which component is used in place of a shim plate on the No.1 Blade?
    Beta Segment Gear
  6. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which dome assembly part allows the rotating cam to turn while the stationary cam remains in a fixed position?
    Ball Bearings
  7. On the 54H60-91 propeller, what function is a task of the low pitch stop assembly?
    Prevents the propeller from going into the beta range when the throttle is positioned in the alpha range.
  8. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which component provides a means for balancing the propeller?
    Hub mounting bulkhead
  9. On the 54H60-91 propeller, hydraulic fluid is directed from the pump housing to the barrel asssembly through what component?
    Transfer Bearing
  10. On the 54H60-91 propeller, what is the function of the differential gear train assembly?
    Transmits blade angle movement to the valve housing and drives the propeller governer flyweights
  11. On the 54H60-91 propeller, during normal propeller operation, the output of which pumps is used?
    Main pressure and main scavenge
  12. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which pump assists the main pressure pump when large blade angle movements are required?
    Standby Pressure
  13. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which cam disarms the NTS system linkage when the throttle is positioned in beta range?
    Manual Feather
  14. On the 54H60-91 propeller,which valve, contained in the valve housing, controls the flow of hydraulic fluid to and from the dome assembly?
    Pilot Valve
  15. The 54H60-91 propeller governer speeder spring tension positions the pilot valve to maintain what percent RPM in the beta range?
    109 to 113%
  16. On the 54H60-91 propeller,when the throttle is moved to the GROUND IDLE position, what degree setting does the coordinator pointer indicate on the protractor?
    18 degrees
  17. What switch, located in the control quadrant, activates the 54H60-91 propeller governor speed bias servo assembly as the throttle is moved into the flight idle gate?
    Synchrophaser disarming
  18. The condition lever GND STOP position is only effective on the ground because the circuits made in this position are completed through what switches?
    Landing gear touchdown
  19. What componentin the T56 engine coordinator provides reference signals to the electronic TD amplifier that are proportional to the desired TIT?
  20. On the 54H60-91 propeller, the output of what pump is sufficient to supply hydraulic pressure for normal propeller operation?
    Main Pressure
  21. On the 54H60-91 propeller, if the main filter becomes clogged, which valve opens to assure continued flow?
    Bypass Valve
  22. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which valve sets and maintains a pressure differential of about 100 PSI between system pressure and the increase or decrease-pitch pressure?
    Low-pressure relief valve
  23. On the 54H60-91 propeller, when the backup valve is opened, the hydraulic pressure routed to the governer pilot valve is used for which operation?
  24. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which pump is used to feather or unfeather the propeller during static propeller operation?
  25. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which type of valve opens to allow the output of the standby pump to combine with the output of the main pump?
    Check valve
  26. The purpose of the 54H60-91 propeller pitchlock assembly is to prevent...
    An engine overspeed due to a loss of hydraulic pressure
  27. On the 54H60-91 propeller, what prevents engagement of the stationary and rotating ratchets at blade angles below 25 degrees and above 55 degrees?
    The pitchlock control cam
  28. On the 54H60-91 propeller, between the blade angles of 25 degrees and 55 degrees, what will keep the rotating and stationary ratchets disengaged?
    Increase or decrease pitch pressure
  29. On the 54H60-91 propeller, the function of the low pitch stop is to prevent the...
    Dome piston from decreasing blade angle below 23.3 degrees plus or minus .5 degrees
  30. On the 54H60-91 propeller, what forces the stop levers on the low pitch stop to move outward?
  31. On the 54H60-91 propeller, when pressure builds up to between 240 abd 280 PSI, which valve is unseated and allows the stop lever to retract?
    Servo Valve
  32. What is coordinated by the throttle in the controllable pitch range?
    Blade pitch and engine fuel flow
  33. On the 54H60-91 propeller, during beta range operation, what moves the pilot valve?
    Cams and mechanical linkage
  34. On the 54H60-91 propeller, during beta range operation, the rotation of which cam moves the mechanical linkage to center the governor pilot valve?
    Beta follow-up
  35. On the 54H60-91 propeller, during alpha range operation, which cam changes speeder spring tension so the governor pilot valve can maintain 100% RPM?
    Speed set
  36. On the 54H60-91 propeller, during an underspeed condition, what moves the pilot valve?
    Speeder Spring
  37. On the 54H60-91 propeller, when feathering the propeller, what acts on the mechanical linkage to open the feather actuating valve?
    Manual feather cam
  38. On the 54H60-91 propeller, during feathering operation, the feather valve is positioned to meter hydraulic fluid to the...
    Forward end of the dome piston
  39. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which valve is a backup in case the feather valve fails during feathering operation?
    Pilot valve
  40. As the 54H60-91 propeller feathers, the output of which pump decreases (drops off)?
    Main scavenge
  41. On the 54H60-91 propeller, during feather operation, between approximately what PSI are the pressure cutout switch contacts opened?
    600 to 800 PSI
  42. On the 54H60-91 propeller, which component is the primary electrical ground for energizing the feather override holding coil?
    Pressure cutout switch
  43. When attempting to unfeather the 54H60-91 propeller in flight, where must the throttle be positioned?
    Above FLT IDLE
  44. Which two cams, on the alpha shaft, control the 54H60-91 propeller unfeathering operation?
    Manual feather and beta set
  45. On the 54H60-91 propeller, what is the minimum PSI required to release the feather latches and allow the piston to move forward?
    200 PSI
  46. On the 54H60-91 propeller, after the NTS system actuator rod positions the mechanical linkage in the valve housing when a negative torque condition occurs, what component is shifted?
    Feather Valve
  47. Besides maintaining the optimum blade phase angle relationship between all propellers, what else does synchrophasing do?
    Keeps the propellers rotating at the same speed
  48. The fuel governing check switches are used to reset the propeller governor to what percentage of RPM in the alpha range?
  49. Where is the pickup portion of the pulse generator located?
    Pump housing
  50. The pulse generator inputs to the synchrophaser unit are used only...
    When a master propeller is selected
  51. On the 54H60-91 propeller speed bias motor, when the control winding voltage is different from the reference-winding voltage, what results?
    Speed bias motor rotates, and increases or decreases blade angle
  52. The master synchrophaser board located in the synchrophaser unit contains a master channel and a slave channel. These channels are used by which propellers?
    No.2 and No.3
  53. Which board in the synchrophaser unit recieves input signals that are compared together, modified, and used to control the speed bias motors?
    Power amplifier
  54. How much change in RPM does the compensating network in the synchrophaser unit allow the speed bias motor to correct?
  55. On the 54H60-91 propeller, in the mechanical governing mode, what causes the pilot valve to move and set propeller speed?
    Speeder spring or flyweights
  56. Mechanical governing provides the foundation for what other propeller governing modes?
    Normal and synchrophasing
  57. Which is a function of normal governing?
    Throttle anticipation
  58. For the 54H60-91 propeller to operate in the normal governing mode, the propeller governer control switch must be placed in the NORMAL position and what other conditions must be met?
    Throttle at or above FLT IDLE, and synchrophase master switch in OFF
  59. During normal governing operation, what stabilizes the propeller governor during rapid throttle movements?
    Throttle anticipation circuit
  60. To reduce the noise and vibration levels, synchrophasing mode of governing maintains all the propellers at...
    Identical speeds and optimum blade phase angles
  61. How many slave channels are contained on the master synchrophaser board in the synchrophaser unit?
  62. If the master propeller fails during synchrophaser govering, the slave propellers follow the master to...
    About 2% speed change
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