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  1. What did the for profit college Everest College do to make it appear that they had a high placement rate?
    They paid contractors $2,000 dollars to hire graduates for 30 days.  After that they were free to lay them off.
  2. What is the purpose of the fraudulent hiring of for profit college graduates?
    (two reasons)
    1. For marketing purposes.

    2. To secure accreditation so they can tap federal student coffers.
  3. True or false  MIT researchers found that there is a correlation between higher test scores on standardized tests and higher level thinking. Explain your answer.
    False They found that success on these test had almost no effect of tests of fluid intelligence skills.
  4. What are fluid intelligence skills?
    Skills that require using logical thinking and problem solving in novel situations, rather than recalling previously learned facts and skills.
  5. What type of intelligence is raised by improving standardized test scores?

    ___________________ intelligence
    crystallized intelligence
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