Geology II

  1. Stillwater, Montana
    • U.S. producer of PGE's
    • Platinum Group Elements
  2. Leadville
  3. Carlin-type deposit
    Gold in arnsenian pyrite/macrasite
  4. Paragenesis
    forms at igneous intrusive contact
  5. Epigenetic
  6. skarn
    Sequence of ore and gangue mineral precipitation
  7. Creede, Colorado
    Ag veins in caldera setting
  8. banded iron formation
    marine chemical rocks
  9. mvt
    Zinc lead deposits in carbonate rocks
  10. bingham
    First porphyry copper open pit mine in U.S.
  11. hot springs
    Epithermal setting
  12. VMS
    Sea-floor deposition of base metals
  13. Bolivia
  14. Climax-type deposit
    Rhyolite porphyry stock work MoS2
  15. Boiling Fluids
    Triggers precipitation of Au and Ag
  16. Porphyry copper
    Magmatic fluid copper in host quartz monzonite
  17. Arsenian pyrite
  18. fluid inclusion analyses
  19. stable isotopes of O and H
  20. Cu-Au deposits
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Geology II
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