intelligence and cognitive functioning

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  1. einstein's brain
    • 200gm lighter than average
    • did NOT contain more neurons than average
    • higher ratio of glial cells to neurons in the left parietal lobe
    • parietal lobes were larger
    • ->important in math and visual-spatial processing
  2. IQ testing
    • predict
    • ->school performance
    • ->job performance
    • ->income
    • ->socioeconomic level
  3. raven progressive matrices
    • practical intelligence
    • aspergers individuals on average score higher
    • influenced by culture
  4. lumpers
    • intelligence is single general factor (g)
    • ->those high in one skill are often high in others
  5. splitters
    made up of several mental abilities
  6. brain correlates of intelligence
    • the volume of gray matter (frontal areas)
    • brain size 
    • thicker cortex
    • faster nerve conduction (thicker myelination)
    • ->small tightly packed processing modules (columns)
  7. speed and intelligence
    • IQ scores are correlated with reaction time and nerve conduction velocity 
    • IQ is related to:
    • enhanced myelination 
    • faster transfer from short term to long term 
    • less energy use while engaged in tasks
    • ->less glucose metabolism
  8. 3 clusters of intelligence
    • linguistic: language:left frontal and temporal lobes
    • spatial: right; parietal lobe
    • logical-math: (both areas are active)
    • ->calculations and arrhythmic facts; left frontal
    • ->estimations and visual representation; parietal lobe
  9. hereditarian view
    • racial differences in IQ are genetic
    • corresponds to brain size
    • APA task force-data don't support hereditarian position
  10. flynn effect
    • overall improvement of intelligence test scores since 1930
    • attributed to improved nutrition and increase years of schooling over the last 50 years
  11. adoption and IQ scoring
    • children <6 years old adopted into middle class homes showed 16 IQ points increase
    • IQ still more correlated with biological parents than adoptive parents
    • ->increase over time
    • this helps distinguish genetics from environment 
  12. aging and intelligence
    • low motivations to perform tasks
    • reduced speed of processing accounts for 99% of age related differences in working memory
    • loss of coordination in default mode network
    • ->preparedness for action
    • losses minimized via.
    • ->practice
    • ->diet
    • ->self-esteem
    • ->increased GABA
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