MA final

  1. True or false: the majority of medical assisting positions are in hospitals and hospice care
  2. True or false:the centrifuged capillary tube will have 3 layers
  3. True or false: when charting on the progress note in a patient medical record it is acceptable to skip lines when documenting to give the provider room to enter a note after the patient has been seen.
  4. True or false: the medical assistant finds a container of medication without label in room 2, rhe appropriate action is to speak with a supervisor first then discard the meds in a biohazordous container
  5. True or false: relapse is the disappearance of the clinical symptoms of disease.
  6. True or false: the cones are photoreceptors found in the retina that make the perception of color possible.
  7. True or false: the medical term for nearsightedness os hyperopia
  8. medical assistants perform electrocardiograms and prepare patients for minor surgical procedures
  9. MI symptoms in women can include bilateral arm pain and posterior thoracic chest pain
  10. during an insulin injection the medical assistant should always remember to use an ID route for administration
  11. syncope can occur if mr. jow in room 2 has orthostatic hypotension
  12. the seven rights of drug administration include the right patient, drug, dose, route, time, safety, and documentation
  13. 70% isopropyl alcohol is always used to cleanse the venipuncture site for blood cultures
  14. an INR blood test should be drawn in a Na+ citrate tube
  15. tachypnea is the medical term for an abnormally slow rate of breathing
  16. mr dowell in room 4 had a GTT drawn in a light blue top tube, the test results should come back fine from the lab.
  17. a nosocomial infection is commonly acuired in the hospital setting.
  18. the most common site for administering rocephin deep IM on an adult patient in a medical clinic or private practice is the posterior upper arm region of the body
  19. the PFT is an invasive procedure that the medical assistant performs.
  20. a pyemia is the presence of pus-forming organisms in the blood
  21. the pulmonary arteries are oxygen poor vessels of the body due to thier direction and flow of blood that passes through them.
  22. surgical items or instruments that have microorganisms present are said to be sterile.
  23. often the success of a medical clinic or private practice is directly related to effective communication and how patient care is rendered.
  24. the term otitis media refers to an outer ear infection
  25. mrs. king in room 1 is experiencing difficulty with her breathing this is termed dyspnea
  26. the majority of heart muscle is composed of endocardium
  27. ID injections should be given at a 45-degree angle
  28. hands do not have to be washed if the healthcare worker uses gloves during all possible times of exposure
  29. the gate keeper of the heart is also known as the SA node
  30. a total cholesterol panel is tested in a lavender top tube
  31. mr johnson in room 9 has orthopnea this means he must sit or stand to breathe comfortably
  32. credibility is the perceived competence or character of a person
  33. anemia is an abnormal high condition of Fe in the body
  34. stress can be treated with lifestyle modifications to reduce it
  35. the volume of the pulse refers to the length of time between each beat
  36. capillary blood is a mixture of arterial blood and venous blood
  37. the medical assiting studen should promote great work ethic during the externship experience as it is a time to market themselves for a new career and possible employment
  38. the patients lifestyle hobbies education occupation and use of alcohol are topics in the family history section of medical history
  39. medical assistants should be open to trade or rotate their duties and shifts with co workers as needed with the permission of the office manager
  40. pulse oximetery provides the provider with the oxygen saturation level of the arterial blood without an arterial blood sample
  41. the normal temperature range for a freshly collected urine drug screen is:
    90 degrees to 100 degrees F
  42. the right lung has how many divisions?
  43. when placing the capillary tubes in the centrifuge for a microhematocrit test:
    the clay sealed portion of the tubes face down away from the center of the centrifuge and the sealed clay faces the rubber portion
  44. medical office politics are generally:
  45. arriving to the medical practice early looking for additional tasks to complete at work and working overtime all display:
    a professional work ethic
  46. with a routine venipunture on an adult patient of average size the angle in which the needle enters the arm should be approximately:
    20-30 degrees
  47. which of the meds listed via an IM route at a GM site to an adult patient
  48. how many links are in the chain of infection
  49. the first medical experience listed on a medical assistant graduates resume is often the:
  50. the ishihara exam is used to test for:
    color blindness
  51. a normal pulse oximetry for a patient is:
    >or equal to 95%
  52. the psychologic defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality is called:
  53. my husband only hits me because i deserve this is an example of:
  54. what part of the ecg complex represents the atrial depolarization?
    p wave
  55. if the ecg recording for ms. tu in room 4 appears as a series of small uniformed spikes on the baseline (a/c) interference the MA should:
    check for nearby electrial appliances
  56. confidentiality in the medical field is important because:
    all of them
  57. what takes place after a myocardial infarction in the heart?
    a portion of the heart muscle dies
  58. the most common needle size used for an adult vacutainer venipunture are_________gauges.
    21/22 gauge
  59. which of the following degrees is the most approriate for an intramuscular injection of penicillin?
    90 degrees
  60. the venipunture needle sizes most commonly used on pediatric and geriatric patients are?
    23 to 25 gauge
  61. the vein that are commonly used at the antecubital fossa for routine venipunture are?
    median cephalic vein
  62. which of the following risk factors that relate to heart disease can be modified via lifestyle modifications?
    high-lipid, high-caloric diets
  63. during a physical examination the provider discovers the presence of a murmur. what method of examination would she be using to make this discovery?
  64. blood vessels branching from the aorta to carry oxygen rich blood to the heart muscle are called:
    coronary arteries
  65. the ecg test will give objective findings for which area of the body?
  66. the AAMA was formally organized in:
  67. AB blood type will have which of the following antigens?
  68. Mr. washington in room 9 has a Hgb result of 15 how is this measured?
    grams per deciliter(g/dL)
  69. a urine specimen is tested and has a ph of 5.0 this value may be considered:
  70. while mr. c hematocrit is spinning in the centrifuge, you perform an automated hemoglobin test with the hemocue on a sample of his blood and record the value as 15g/dL. you do a quick mental calculation and expect the value to be approximately:
  71. the_____controls the rate of heart contraction by initiating contractions 60 to 100 times per minute.
    SA node
  72. prior to performing an audiogram test the first step for the medical assistant should be:
    obtain a provider approval or order for the audiogram test
  73. one of the first detectable signs of renal disease is:
  74. which of the following BP's is considered to be pre-hypertensive?
  75. a tourniquet is used during venipunture procedure to:
    prevent venous flow out of the site to cause the vein to be closer to the surface
  76. mr. wood in room 5 a 35-year old man has the capacity to hold approximately how much urine in his bladder?
  77. an ecg monitor that a patient wears for 24 hours is called an
  78. a patients body language, mannerisms and gestures are considered forms of:
    non verbal communication
  79. according to OSHA regulations under which of the following circumstances is recapping needled allowed:
    when recapping an unused needle
  80. which examination position requires the MA to raise the head of the bed to a 30 to 45 degree angle?
  81. the arteries supplying the myocardium become stenosed by atherosclerotic plagues this is known as what condition or disease?
  82. a technical description of the cause nature or mnifestations of a condition for a patient or problem is termed:
  83. which deflection from the baseline represents the onset of repolarization of the ventricles?
    t wave
  84. one of the first detectable signs of liver disease is:
  85. mr. jackson in room 6 had a fasting blood glucose level test what is considered to be a normal healthy level?
  86. the _________ is the blood vessel that carries oxygen rich blood from the lungs to the left side of the heart.
    pulmonary vein
  87. which of the following pulses is palpated at the neck region of mrs. licon in room 1?
  88. the medical assistant should complete______ drug label checks prior to administering the 1gm of rocephin ordered
    3 times
  89. to have accurate test results from the lab the tourniquet should remain tied on mr chu's arm no longer then:
    60 to 90 seconds
  90. dr johns in room 2 is using opthalmoscope for the patient what area of the body does this examine?
  91. stating what the patient just said when taking a chief complaint is a form of:
  92. mrs gomez in room 6 needs 1gm kefzol deep IM what is the most appropriate needle gauge for this injection in the field?
    21 gauge
  93. a tourniquet is used during the venipuncture procedure to:
    prevent venous flow out of the site and to cause the vein to be closer to the surface
  94. when the blood pressure cuff is deflated on mr hernadez the first tapping sound is the ______pressure
  95. mrs gomez a 35 year old patient in good health would have a hgb result range of:
  96. if a patient is experiencing tachycardia this means:
    the heart rate is faster than normal >100 bpm
  97. mr mendez has had hepatitis for 10 years. this is known as what type of infection?
    chronic infection
  98. the normal volume of urine produced by an adult in a 24 hour period generally can be:
    750mL to 2000mL
  99. the most common site for an intradermal injection is the:
    anterior forearm
  100. the greatest deflections observed from the baseline on a 12-lead ecg is:
    qrs complex
  101. mrs jam 45 year old woman has a blood pressure reading of 86/58 this is considered:
  102. mrs. june a 35 year old patient needs an h1n1 vaccine what is the common route and site for this injection?
  103. when instructing mrs halas for a clean catch midstream urine specimen, how many antiseptic towelettes will effectively cleanse the site?
  104. what of the following is a common parenteral method of drug administration the ma will perform in the medical field?
  105. which examination is commonly used for obstetric and gynecology examinations?
  106. which of the following scenerios is the only situation in which recapping a needle is considered an appropriate procedure?
    after withdrawing medication from a vial and using a one handed recap method
  107. sensitive tissue in the right superior/posterior atrium wall that initiates the heart beat is known as the:
    sinoatrial node
  108. the physical assesment of a urine sample has clear pale straw colored urine with a sweet odor what condition might this suggest?
    diabetes mellitus
  109. which of the following is the abbreviation for heart attack?
  110. kefzol is administered:
    IM route
  111. the _______ is the sac like membrane surrounding the heart
  112. mrs jacobs in room 4 has a rapid onset of symptoms but only lasted a short period of time this is what type of infection?
    acute infection
  113. forceful passive movement of a joint to determine the range of extension or flexion of body part is:
  114. for collection of blood specimens during a glucose tolerance test which type of tube is used?
    gray topped tube
  115. mrs june stated her mother passed away from leukemia at the age 55 this statement would be listed in which section of the medical history?
    family history
  116. which of the 7 rights of drug administration is missing? right documentation, technique, time, route, dose, drug,_______.
  117. which of the following is an open-ended question?
    what brings you in our clinic today?
  118. the depolorization phase of the heartbeat is termed:
  119. in which direction should be precordial lead electrodes v1-v6 be pointing when placed on the patient for the ecg?
    toward the feet
  120. the principal reason for requesting feedback when communicating with patients is to determine whether they:
    understand what is being said during the chief complaint
  121. my villa a 39 year old patient in rooms 3 needs hgb test what will this test for?
  122. the final phase of the conduction system in the heart happens in the:
    purkinje fibers
  123. the smallest bones are associated with the human body are:
    malleus, incus, and stapes
  124. all medical assistants are female this is an example of:
  125. this method that completely destroys the presence of all microorganisms is:
  126. all contaminated sharps should be placed in a:
    bio hazardous puncture proof sharps container
  127. mr. johnson has a healthy and normal total cholesterol reading which of the following would it be?
  128. relapse and remission are seen frequently in what types of infection:
    latent infections
  129. mrs worsham had an electrolyte panel test what does that test for?
    chloride, sodium, and potassium
  130. a procedure that measures the amount of air moving into and out of the lungs is:
  131. how can you help mrs jackson feel most comfortable about having her weight measured in the medical clinic?
    place the scale in a private area
  132. OSHA stands for
    occupational safety and health administration
  133. the blood is composed of ____plasma and ____formed elements.
    55% and 45%
  134. ms taylor has type O blood how would you describe that type of blood?
    no presence of ABO antigens on the surface of the red blood cells
  135. which of the following are risk factors for cardiac disease that cannot be changed?
    gender and age
  136. if mrs johnson is talking during a 12 lead ecg it will display which of the following:
    voluntary somatic tremor
  137. the approximate lifespan of an eryhtrocyte is:
    90-120 days
  138. ms hillard is having a UA that is used for which substance that should be stored in a darm place before testing?
  139. which of the following skill would not be appropriate expectation of the professional medical assistant?
    giving adivce to patients
  140. mrs lee is being seen for benign hypertension what could be an expected BP reading for her?
  141. which of the following medical history sections includes patients surgeries?
    past history
  142. for which of the following illness or disease is the medical assistant required to wear a mask while taking the patients medical history?
    active TB
  143. mrs white what brings you in to see the provider today is an example of?
    open-ended question
  144. the CPK values of a patient can help determine which of the following conditions?
  145. ms woodsides blood samples were hemolyzed when they arrived to the lab. which is the best steps to take?
    call the patient back for a re draw
  146. when the blood pressure cuff is deflated on mr reasons arm the last tapping sound heard is the?
  147. the middle ear contains the three ossicles:
    malleus, incus, and stapes
  148. a patient has the presence of pus in his urine sample this is termed
  149. cerumen is the medical term for
    ear wax
  150. the medical term for ear wax is
  151. the difference between the systolic and diastolic blood pressure is termed
    pulse pressure
  152. mr quintana has a blood pressure of 88/50 and has diagnosis of
  153. the_____ is a common site for capillary puncture on an infant
  154. patient has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has difficulty breathing or
  155. when performing eye instillation of medication the medical assistant should ask the patient to look_____ while they place the medication
  156. the manner or style of walking is termed
  157. the opening of the patient gown for a male patient in a routine physical examination is with the opening to the
  158. a PPD skin test is used to check for presence of or exposure to
  159. anatomically the left lung is______ then the right lung.
  160. the vacutainer tubes that have additives in them should be_______ a minimum of 6 to 8 times before preparing them for the courier
  161. an _____ is used to examine the external auditory canal and tympanic membrane
  162. when the medical assistant collects a blood sample they should always try to collect a ______ tube if possible for testing at the lab
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