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  1. Li heat
    constipation w/ dry stool, aversion to pressure, burning & swelling in anus, worms, mass, vomiting, thirst, tidal/fever, sweating of limbs, dry mouth or tongue, scanty dark urine

    • T: thick dry yellow brown or black coat
    • P: excessive rapid
  2. Li damp heat
    abdominal pain not relieve by bowel movement, abdominal fullness, diarrhea(hot), mucus & blood in stools, offensive odour of stool, burning in anus, lumbago, scanty dark urine, fever, feeling of heat, sweating that does not decrease fever, thirst w/o desire, heaviness of body & limb

    • T: red, sticky yellow coat
    • P: slippery, rapid
  3. Li dryness
    dry stools difficult to discharge, dry mouth & throat, thin body, foul breath, dizziness, 

    • T: pale or red, dry rootless coat
    • P: thready, unsmooth
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