GRE top priority words-3

  1. Ingratiate
    Please someone else hoping to get somw thing out of it

  2. Indolent
    • Habitually lazy, acting in sluggish manner. Her indolent manners got her fired from numerous jobs
    • Lethargy
  3. Inexorable
    Inflexible, hard to sway

    No matter what we do the inexorable force of the earthquake will always be a problem for Japan in one way or the other.

  4. Ingenuous
    Innocent, childlike naivety

    Guilessness, innocent
  5. Ingenious
    Clever, outside of the box thinking.
  6. Surly
    Rude and bad tempered
  7. Sybarite
    • A person devoted to luxury and comfort
    • A conformed sybarite, the nobleman fainted at the idea of giving up his palace and luxurious lifestyle
  8. Wily
    • Clever, deceptive
    • Yet again, the wily coyotes managed to elude the ranchers who wanted to capture him
  9. Winsome
    Charming, happily engaging

    Attractive people are lucky as they can give this winsome smile that gets them advantages all the time
  10. Peripatetic
    Wandering from place to place on foot
  11. Yoke
    Join together
  12. Restive
    Impatient, restless

    The passengers became restive after having to wait in line for few hours
  13. Ribald
    Humorous in a rather vulgar/ rude way
  14. Leery
  15. Legerdemain
  16. Martinet
    One who follows rules very strictly
  17. Chicanery

    Salesman of old cars often used chicanery to sell their beaten up cars
  18. Circumspection

    She was very circumspect when she was first introduced to her fiance's parents
  19. Cogent
    Convincing and well reasoned
  20. Collusion
    Collaboration; conspiracy
  21. Connoisseur
    One with expert knowledge, discriminating towards other tastes

    Dr wang, a connoisseur of fine wine and cheese, he only drunk and ate the best
  22. Machination
    Feared of his enemies' macgination to remove him from the leadership, the king had them executed
  23. Maelstrom
    Large and strong whirlpool(oouzu), turmoil

    Much of Tokyo city's infrastructure had collapsed during the maelstrom of world war 2
  24. Malediction
    Curse; a wish of evil upon another.

    The frog Prince looked for a princess that could end the witch's malediction
  25. Listless
    Lacking energy and enthusiasm

    Listless and depressed from losing his job bon became an alcoholic
  26. Philistine
    Someone guided by materialism and disregard the value of art
  27. Phalanx
    Group of people I.e. guards
  28. Pithy
    Profound, substantial but short and concise
  29. Phlegmatic
    Calm and unaffected under pressure.

    The phlegmatic expert remained calm anf proceeded in disassembling the bomb when he only had 20s.
  30. Itinerant
    Unsettled, moving from one place to the other.
  31. Vestige
    • Remain, trace.
    • Vestiges of previous tenants still remained in the apartment
  32. Unconscionable
    Lack of justice.

    After working so hard for years, to me my manager's decision to promote that young analyst instead of me is unconscionable
  33. Atrocious
    Savage, brutal
  34. Disparage
    • Regard as being little worth
    • Belittle, deprecate, undervalue
    • He never missed opportunity to disparage his opponents
  35. Denigrate
    Criticize unfairly
  36. Expedient
    Convenient and practical, although possibly immoral

    Betrayal seemes to be the most expedient route to a victory in this fight
  37. Vilify
  38. Revile
  39. Lambstate
  40. Revile
  41. Pillory
  42. Descry
    Catch sight of
  43. Decry
    Publicly denounce
  44. Ignoble
    Having low moral standards
  45. Imbue

    It seems people don't pay attention when you try to imbue them with your opinion but they will see it by your actions
  46. Politic
    • Shrewd, diplomatic
    • Tactful
    • In a politic manner
  47. Furtive
    • Stealthy
    • Chen was being furtive when he threw out hid bad quiz grade before his
  48. Jovial
    Happy, joyful person
  49. Reprimand
    To be told off, punished
  50. Abjure
    To reject, to leave formally
  51. Tacit
    Done without using words
  52. Tawdry
    Gaudy, cheap
  53. Grovel
    Fawn, to degrade oneself
  54. Anodyne
    Sth that soothes or relieves pain
  55. Zephyr
    Draft, airy and calm wind
  56. Dither
    Act confused. No clear idea of what to do

    Sho dithered around his room not knowing which job offer to take
  57. Kindle
    Ignite or inspire
  58. Taciturn
  59. Bevy
    • A group
    • A bevy of JB fans
  60. Penury
    Sevre poverty
  61. Sobriquet
  62. Slake
    To calm down or moderate
  63. Idiosyncrasy
    Peculiar behavior; eccentricity

    His numerous idiosyncrasies include a routine where he can only sleep with his TV on..
  64. Dilatory
    Intended to delay, slow down
  65. Diatribe
    Abusive words, curse at someone

    Tirade, malediction
  66. Salubrious
    Therapeutic, medicinal effect
  67. Invidious
    • Obnoxious or offensive
    • It is invidious for parents to favor one child over the other
  68. Wizened
    Wrinkled or desiccated
  69. Investiture
  70. Xenophobia
    Fear towards foreigners or prejudice
  71. Ersatz
    • Fake, counterfeit
    • Ersatz version of a chanel bag
  72. Hermetic
    Impervious, airtight
  73. Dissemble
  74. Distend
    • To bloat, inflate
    • Her stomach was distended after all day drinking of beers
  75. Hyperbole
    • Purposeful exaggeration.
    • Embellishment
  76. Peril
    Serious and immediate danger
  77. Extenuating
    Making (guilt, bad behavior) seem less severe. (Warugi wa nakatta)

    Extebuating circumstances
  78. Coterie
    Intimate group of people that share same interest / purpose

    Let's invite a coterie of fellow stamp enthusiasts to a stamp trading dinner!
  79. Hegemony
    Claim dominance over a group or an alliance
  80. Blithe
    joyful, happy, carefree

    Summer came and the Blithe students just spent their days at the beach
  81. Ignoble
    Low moral standards; mean
  82. Imbue

    Monica struggled to imbue her kids with the right values, a difficult task in this day and time
  83. Perspicacious
    • Shrewd or astute
    • Sherlock Holmes used his perspicacious mind to solve the mystery
  84. Mercurial
    Quick, shrewd and unpredictable
  85. vernal
    related to spring / fresh
  86. livid
    Pale or reddened from anger
  87. Querulous
    irritable, troublemaker (complains a lot)
  88. Overwrought
    • Agitated (feeling or appealing nervous)
    • Nervous

    In any circumstances CEO cannot be overwrought in front of his / her employees
  89. Panoply
    Impressive arrays (ranges) 

    Consulting firms look for candidates with panoply of experiences and achievements
  90. Palatial
    Like a palace / magnificent
  91. Puerile
    Immature / childish
  92. Nettle
    To irritate
  93. Stasis
    Stagnation, Equilibrium
  94. Spartan
  95. Curmudgeon
    A cranky person
  96. Attenuate
    • To reduce in power / influence 
    • Undermine, enervate 

    Ukraine signing the EU pact would result in attenuating Russia's influence in East Europe
  97. Pugilism
  98. Mendacious
    • Dishonest 
    • Romir
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