Geology Final Exam: Hydrologic Cycle and Groundwater

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  1. Draw a pool & process model of the hydrologic cycle.
    Ocean>Evaporation>Atmospheric Moisture>Condensation>Clouds>Precipitation>Ocean(Runoff)/Surface Water>Infiltration>Groundwater>Ocean(Groundwater Flow)/Plants(Uptake)>Evapotransition>Atmospheric Moisture
  2. What powers the hydrologic cycle?
    The Sun
  3. How do humans impact the cycle?
    • -Groundwater overpumping
    • -Dams
    • -Deforestation(uptake decreases, more surface water and groundwater-mudslides(mass wasting)
    • -Pavement Development - decrease infiltration, flooding decreasing water supply.
  4. What is groundwater?
    Water found in the saturated pores of soil and sediment.
  5. Why is groundwater important?
    Largest reservoir of freshwater
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Geology Final Exam: Hydrologic Cycle and Groundwater
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