Vocabulary E

  1. edify
    to improve someone morally; to instruct
  2. educe
    to draw or bring out
  3. effeminate
    unmanly; feminine
  4. effete
    worn out; barren
  5. effigy
    a likeness; an image
  6. effulgent
    shining forth brilliantly; radiant
  7. egress
  8. elegy
    sad poem
  9. ellipsis
    the omission in a sentence of a word or words
  10. elysian
  11. emaciated
    abnormally thin
  12. emendation
  13. emetic
    causing vomiting
  14. emissary
    one sent on a special mission
  15. emolument
    profit; gain
  16. emulous
    jealous; envious
  17. enclave
    a country surrounded by another country
  18. encomium
    an expression of high praise
  19. encore
    a repeat performance
  20. endearment
    an expression of affection
  21. endemic
    confined to a particular country or area
  22. engrossed
    completely absorbed in
  23. ennui
  24. enrapture
    to delight beyond measure
  25. ensconce
    to hide; to conceal
  26. entity
    independent being
  27. entomology
    study of insects
  28. entranced
    filled with delight or wonder
  29. envisage
    to imagine; to form a mental picture
  30. epicure
    one who seeks pleasure in fine foods
  31. epigram
    witty saying
  32. epilogue
    closing part
  33. epistle
    a letter
  34. epitaph
    inscription on a tomb
  35. epithet
    a descriptive word or phrase
  36. epitome
    a typical example
  37. equanimity
    calmness; evenness of temperament
  38. equestrian
    horseback ridder
  39. equine
    pertaining to horses
  40. equinox
    time when day and night are equal length
  41. equipoise
  42. errant
    wandering (adventure)
  43. ersatz
    artificial; inferior substitute
  44. erstwhile
    formerly; in the past
  45. escapade
  46. escarpment
  47. escrow
    money deposit
  48. essay
  49. estival
    pertaining to succer
  50. etymology
    origin of words
  51. eugenics
    science of improving the human race
  52. euthanasia
    mercy killing
  53. eventuate
    to result; to happen finally
  54. evince
    to show clearly
  55. excoriate
    to criticize sharply
  56. execrate
    to curse
  57. exhort
    to warn
  58. exigent
    urgent; critical
  59. exiguous
    scanty; small in quantity
  60. expatiate
    to enlarge upon; to speak or write at length
  61. expectorate
    to spit out
  62. expedient
    practical; advantageous
  63. expedite
    to speed up
  64. expiate
    to atone for
  65. explicate; explicit
    to explain. clear and direct
  66. expound
    to explain; to interpret
  67. expurgate
    to cleanse; to remove offensive passages
  68. extemporaneous
  69. extenuating
    less serious
  70. extirpate
    to destroy; to remove completely
  71. extort
    to obtain by force
  72. extradite
    to give up a prisoner to another authority
  73. extricate
    to set free; disentangle
  74. extrinsic
    external; coming form outside
  75. exude
    to discharge; to ooze
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