CDC3 Aerospace Propulsion

  1. What is the composition of JP-8 fuel?
    Gasoline and Kerosene
  2. At room temperature, how many times longer will it take water to settle out of JP-8 than out of gasoline?
    4 times longer
  3. The main fuel control allows the engine to safely accelerate, reducing the possibility of...
  4. The purpose of a fuel/oil cooler in a fuel system is to...
    Heat the fuel and cool the oil
  5. What type of fuel control uses items such as thermocouples, relays, amplifiers, and solenoids to help control a jet engine?
  6. On fuel controls that require setting during an engine trim, calibration and/or adjustment screws must be...
    safety sealed and/or lockwired
  7. When in the primary mode, what controls the operation of the F100-PW-220 engine?
    DEEC (Digital Electronic Engine Control)
  8. On an F100-PW-220 engine, the MFC (Main Fuel Control) is capable of operating in how many modes?
    2 modes
  9. Which F100-PW-220 engine fuel system component controls pressurization of the core engine fuel system?
    P&D Valve (Pressurizing and Dump Valve)
  10. Which stage of compressor air drives the augmentor fuel pump on an F100-PW-220 engine?
    13th Stage
  11. On the F100-PW-220 engine, which component controls the augmentor fuel control?
    DEEC (Digital Electronic Engine Control)
  12. Core engine fuel flow sequence on an F100-PW-220 engine starts at the main fuel pump and then goes through the...
    main fuel control, fuel/air cooler, pressurizing and dump valve, and fuel nozzles
  13. Operational control of the F108-CF-100 engine is achieved by the use of the power lever, fuel shut-off lever, and...
    PMC (Power Management Control)
  14. The F108 engine fuel pump contains a low-pressure stage (centrifugal boost stage) and a high pressure...
    Gear Stage
  15. On a F108-CF-100 engine, the fuel injectors contain...
    Both primary and secondary fuel flow passages
  16. What supplies the AE2100D3 FADEC with power until engine RPM is sufficient for the alternator stator to take control?
    Airplane 28 VDC power supply
  17. What component is controlled by the AE2100D3 FADEC through ENGINE START switch for normal engine shutdown or by the fire control handle for emergency shutdown?
    Latching Shutoff Valve
  18. On the T56 engine, how many and what type of fuel pumps are contained in the fuel pump and filter assembly?
    2 gear; 1 boost
  19. What T56 engine controls the rotary movement of the fuel control metering valve?
    Compressor Inlet Pressure
  20. On the T56, what compares the desired throttle setting from the coordinator with the actual TIT signal from the thermocouples?
    TD Amplifier (Temperature Datum Amplifier)
  21. Which T56 engine component sends the fuel to the fuel manifold?
    TD valve
  22. When the null orifice on the T56 engine TD valve is set to zero, how much fuel will the valve bypass?
  23. In addition to the visual inspection the T56 engine fuel nozzle also requires what type of inspection?
    Spray Pattern
  24. Which type of oil cooler operates on the same principle as a radiator in an automobile?
  25. When an engine is not operating, static preload for a carbon oil seal is provided by...
    Spring Pressure
  26. The F100-PW-100 engine oil pressure varies with N2 speed, engine inlet oil temperature, and...
    Oil Nozzle Condition
  27. What term is used to indicate that air is being mixed with the oil in the oil pump to create pockets of air?
  28. In an engine oil tank, which device seperates the air from the oil?
  29. Which type of oil system stores the oil in a tank fitted to the side of the engine?
    Dry Sump
  30. Which type of oil system design places the oil cooler in the pressure subsystem?
    Hot Tank
  31. On an F100 engine, the breather pressurizing valve is internally mounted in the...
  32. On an F100-PW-220 engine, the air/oil cooles are mounted on the fan duct and use...
    Secondary fan airflow as a coolant
  33. On an F100-PW-220 engine, what component permits oil to bypass the oil filter during cold weather starts?
    Filter bypass valve
  34. What is used to check the oil level in a F108-CF-100 engine?
    Filler cap with a graduated gauge
  35. Approximately how many GPM (Gallons Per Minute) does the AE2100D3 PUAD (Power Unit Accessory Drive) lube and scavenge pump provide at engine PTO (Power Takeoff)?
  36. What AE2100D3 component drives the PGB (Propeller Gearbox) lube and scavenge pump?
    GMAD (Gearbox Mounted Accessory Drive)
  37. Which type of oil pump is used on the T56 engine?
  38. The amount of ram air passing through the oil cooler core is regulated by the...
    Flap Actuator
  39. Bleed air flowing through which component increases airflow through the cooler?
    Augmentation Ejector
  40. The valve that allows fluid to flow in only one direction is the...
    Check valve
  41. In the power unit oil system, the dual-port jet mounted on the front side of the compressor air inlet housing is used to lubricate the...
    Mid and center sleeve bearings
  42. The power section and RGB (Reduction Gearbox) oil systems are joined together at the...
    External scavenge oil filter
  43. Which RGB component prevents oil in the tank from draining into the RGB rear case?
    Oil pump check valve
  44. How many scavenge oil pumps are located in the RGB?
  45. The journeyman must be aware of which hazardous property of modern jet engine oil?
  46. The primary benefit of identifying an impending failure through OAP (Oil Anaylsis Program) is...
    Improved safety
  47. Who is responsible for ensuring that OAP operates properly?
    Project monitor
  48. What are microscopic metallic particles in the oil system called?
    Wear Metals
  49. Oil sampling intervals should not vary by more than...
  50. The SEM/EDX analysis process differs from conventional oil anaylsis in which major aspect?
    SEM/EDX particles must be oil free for analysis to take place.
  51. What is the term for the process of producing voltage in a conductor when it passes through a magnetic field?
    Electromagnetic induction
  52. On a simple AC generator, which item takes the current from the slip rings to operate the electrical device?
  53. Which part of a generator acts as an automatic switching device, changing alternating current to direct current?
  54. What provides the PTO shaft that is used to drive the CSD?
    Engine adapter
  55. The slide-type resistor in the EGT circuit is used to...
    Calibrate the EGT indicator in the flight station
  56. Which unit of an AC ignition system develops 20,000 volts?
  57. A simple DC ignition system consists of vibrator,...
    igniter plugs, and transformer
  58. On early ignition systems, the high energy capacitor type ignition system does not include a...
    Centrifugal switch
  59. On early ignition systems, what is the purpose of compositors in an ignition system?
    Step up voltage high enough to break down the air gap of the ignitor plug
  60. The T56 engine speed-sensitive control lets electrical current flow to the fuel and ignition system at...
    16% RPM
  61. An F100-PW-100 engine augmentor igniter plug ionizes at a minimum rate of how many sparks per second?
  62. From where does the AE2100D3 ignition system receive its electrical power?
    Alternator stator
  63. What is the output of the AE2100D3 alternator stator?
    20-40 VAC
  64. What component monitors the AE2100D3 ignition exciters spark rate?
    NIU (Nacelle Interface Unit)
  65. The OSG (Over Speed Governer) on the cartridge-pneumatic starter consists of the...
    Flyweights and piston
  66. The JFS (Jet Fuel Starter) is basically a...
    Small Gas Turbine Engine
  67. Which item initially rotates the JFS?
    Hydraulic motor
  68. What engine section houses the JFS combustion section?
    Turbine Plenum
  69. Which component provides an electrical safety cutoff for the JFS if the power turbine accelerates to a 110 percent overspeed condition?
    Power turbine overspeed switch
  70. Oil is supplied to the F-15 JFS through the...
    CGB (Central Gearbox) oil system
  71. On an F-15, the power to start the engines begins with the JFS and continues through the...
    AMAD (Airframe-mounted Accessory Drive)
  72. On the F-15 secondary power system, what is used to stop the JFS starting cycle when the aircraft engine has accelerated to starter cutout speed?
    50 % engine cutout switch assembly
  73. When starting the F-16, which component drive the JFS geartrain, fuel control, and lube pump?
    Hydraulic start motor
  74. How is the AE2100D3 starter control valve actuated?
  75. On the T56 engine, which switch energizes the starter control valve to the OPEN position?
    Ground start
  76. Which T56 engine component functions as an on-off control for the air supply that is sent to the starter?
    Starter Control Valve
  77. Discharge air used for aircraft engine anti-icing to heat-critical areas is taken from which engine area?
  78. On an F108 engine, anti-ice air is ducted from which manifold?
  79. On an F108-CF-100 engine anti-ice system, what is the purpose of the air injector on the air regulator?
    Control air temperature and pressure
  80. On an F110-GE-129 engine, the ant-icing system prevents detrimental formation and accumulation of ice on front frame struts, forward centerbody, and...
    Fan inlet guide vane flaps
  81. The T56 engine anti-icing solenoid valve is...
    Normally open
  82. What does a high-altitude stall sound like?
    An explosion
  83. Once the cooling airflow has done its job of cooling the turbine section, where does it go?
    Into the gas stream to exit the engine
  84. On an F108-CF-100 engine, the variable bleed valves bleed air from the...
    N1 compressor
  85. On an F108-CF-100 engine, the direction of the variable bleed valve rotation is controlled by the...
    Fuel gear motor
  86. On an F110-GE-129 engine, the MEC schedules the variable vane positions by the...
    Fan discharge temperature and core engine speed
  87. What AE2100D3 engine component continuously monitors the LVDT (Linear Variable Displacement Transducer) signal and controls the compressor IGV position?
    FADEC (Full Authority Digital Electronic Control)
  88. On the AE2100D3 engine, what type of actuator is the CVG (Compressor Variable Geometry) actuator?
  89. The T56 engine component that allows 14th-stage air to close the bleed air valves is the...
    Speed-sensitive valve
  90. What are the two types of thrust reversers?
    Aerodynamic blockage and mechanical blockage
  91. One type of aerodynamic blockage thrust reverser uses...
    Vanes inside the duct to create swirling gases
  92. In the mechanical blockage type thrust reverser, when the reverser is not in use, what happens to the doors?
    They retract around the engine exhaust cone, usually forming the rear section of the engine nacelle
  93. On the F117-PW-100 engine, what component controls hydraulic power for actuating both the fan and core thrust reversers?
    Control Valve
  94. The F117-PW-100 fan thrust reverser door upper right and left sensors send a signal to which channel or channels of the EEC (Electronic Engine Control)?
    A channel
  95. The core reverser lock proximity sensors are mounted on the...
  96. How many linear hydraulic actuators are used to deploy and stow the fan thrust on the F117-PW-100 engine?
  97. What component heats the augmentor fuel to provide better vaporization and combustion?
    Fuel/oil cooler
  98. What are the two main types of augmentor (afterburner) ignition systems?
    Torch igniter and pilot burner ring
  99. The F100 engine augmentor's primary nozzle actuator is driven by cables from the...
    CENC (Convergent Exhaust Nozzle Control)
  100. On an F110-GE-129 augmentor variable nozzle, uniform movement and geometric stability of the nozzle is provided by...
    Mechanical synchronization of the nozzle actuators
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