Aircraft Flight Instruments

  1. Blockage of the Pitot-Static System
    Errors in the ASI and VSI almost always indicate a blockage of the pitot tube, the static port(s), or both.
  2. Blocked Pitot System
    Drain hole becomes obstructed
  3. Pitot-static system
    The pitot-static system is a combined system that utilizes the static air pressure, and the dynamic pressure due to the motion of the aircraft through the air. These combined pressures are utilized for the operation of the airspeed indicator (ASI), altimeter, and vertical speed indicator.
  4. When the alternate static source pressure is used, the following instrument indications are observed:
    • 1. The altimeter indicates a slightly higher altitude than actual.
    • 2. The ASI indicates an airspeed greater than the actual airspeed.
    • 3. The VSI shows a momentary climb and then stabilizes if the altitude is held constant.
  5. AltimeterImage Upload 1
    • The altimeter is an instrument that measures the height of an aircraft above a given pressure level.
    • An aneroid wafer is a sealed wafer that is evacuated to an internal pressure of 29.92 inches of mercury (29.92 "Hg).
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