1. What are forces?
    If a force is an acting on an object, it will move or change shape. In simple terms it is a push or pull.
  2. What is an unbalanced force?
    When the resultant force acting on an object is not 0.
  3. What is 1 Newton (N) equal to?
    The force required to lift 100g.
  4. What is gravity?
    The force that attracts all objects towards the centre of the earth.
  5. What does mass mean?
    The amount of matter in an object. It's measured in kg.
  6. What is weight?
    The force of gravity acting on the mass of a body.
  7. What is the first law of motion (inertia)?
    Every mass stays at rest or in straight line uniform motion unless it is acted on by an external unbalanced force.
  8. What is friction?
    A force that always opposes the movement of an object and retards it's speed.
  9. Distance:
    A scalar quantity, the amound of ground covered / travelled.
  10. Displacement:
    • A vector quantity.
    • The shortest distance in a straight line between point A and point B.
    • Has direction.
  11. Velocity Average eq:
    • Ave Velocity = Displacement over time.
    • Ave Velocity = S over T
  12. Acceleration:
    When a force acts on a moving object causing it to speed up or slow down.
  13. Acceleration due to gravity:
  14. Gravity accelerates at a ________ rate.
  15. Reaction force:
    Makes something balance, table book.
  16. km/h > m/s
    x 1000 div 3600
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