White Wines BTG

  1. Palmina Piot Grigio, Santa Barbara
    Citrus and pear, medium plus acidity, slightly dry finish. 

    Winemaker Steve Clifton is from OK.  Palmina makes the best Italian style wines in America.
  2. Anne Amie Pinot Gris, Oregon
    Medium bodied and crisp.  Notes of stonefruit (pit in middle) and Asian Pears. 

    From a high-end winery in Willamette Valley
  3. Hidden Crush Chardonnay, Central Coast
    Fresh flavors of citrus, stonefruit.  Refreshing crisp acidity.
  4. Thomas Goss Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills (South Australia)
    90 points

    Slightly creamy but not buttery.  Unoaked.  Fruit forward without being too fruity.  Little white peach flavor, nectarines & citrus.  Good acidity. 

    Area known for cool climate.
  5. Triumph Cellars Chardonnay
    Creamy, oaky.  Heavier wine.  Goes through malolactic fermentation so the tart acidity is converted to softer tasting lactic acid.

    Pair w/buttery, creamy dishes. 

    Suggest if they want something like a Kendall Jackson.  Older ladies.
  6. Darms Lane Chardonnay
    Oak Knoll District (Napa)

    Classic California Chardonnay.

    Pear & melon on the nose.  Silky and balanced, notes of chamomile.  Aged 10 months in French Oak. 

    Owner Larry Bump went to OSU.
  7. Barnard Griffin Riesling, Columbia Valley (Washington)
    Delicate Riesling.  Floral, lots of pear.  Slightly sweet.  Almost a dry Riesling.  Pairs well w/salty.

    30 year old family-owned winery.  Gets a lot of 89, 90 ratings.
  8. Mulderbosch Rose, South Africa
    Good weight, pithy grapefruit flavors. 

    100% Cabernet Sauvignon, no oak
  9. Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc

    Notes of guava, papaya.  Refreshing and crisp acidity.  One of the best wines for the money.
  10. Tangent Viognier, Edna Valley (Central Coast between LA & San Francisco)
    Little floral and peach.  Crisp acidity because of the cool climate.  Not oaked.

    Viogners are from the Rhone region in France.  They are similar to Chardonnays, nice and round.  Not as oaky as heavy as Chard.

    Pair with chicken, pork tenderloin, cheese tray (charcoterie), anything with fat.

    Winemaker doesn't like to manipulate wine (no MLF)

    • SIP Certified.  (Sustainable vineyards)
    •     -mustard greens between the plantings
    •      so they bugs are attracted to those
    •      instead of vines
    •     -they farm in a way that leaves a smaller
    •      carbon footprint
  11. Odisea Veritable Quandary
    White Blend, California

    Very light, slightly sweet.

    Blend of Mediterranean varietals.  Light to medium body.  Tropical fruits, peaches.

    Only 425 cases made.  Only 1 other restaurant in town serves.
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