70a final

  1. What is the main fat used in Mediterranean diets?
    They use olive oil to replace other oils and fats.
  2. Does hydrogenation of margarine result in the formation of transfats?
  3. Are the high density lipoproteins the destructive forms of cholesterolthat form atheroscleroticplaques on arterial walls?
  4. When would a mechanical soft diet be ordered?
    This diet may be used after dental or oral surgery for patients who have difficult chewing or swallowing
  5. What percentage of Americans are affected by obesity?
  6. What foods would be a good source of antioxidants?
    Broccoli, grapefruit,peppers, strawberry’s, almonds, oregano, rice, wheat bread.
  7. One tablespoon of peanut butter is equivalent to a (how manyounces) serving of protein?
    One ounce of meat
  8. Why is the glycemic index an important tool for patients with diabetes?
    It helps diabetics understand the impact of different carbohydrates on the blood glucose level
  9. Can thrombolytic therapy be used to treat a cerebrovascularvascular accident?
    Yes, 3 hours of the onset symptoms
  10. What sign would be seen in a patient with ecchymosis?
    Pain is produced
  11. Is an ABC fire extinguisher effective against electrical fires?
  12. Should the medical assistant place the patient on hold if they arecalling with a life threatening emergency?
  13. Is a prescription required for oxygen?
  14. Should a patient with abdominal pain accompanied by tarry stoolsshould be seen immediately?
  15. Is the medical term for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa?
    Yes, inflammation or infection of the external auditory canal
  16. Does a mydriatic medication cause the pupil to constrict or dilate?
    It causes the pupil to dilate
  17. Does a miotic medication cause the pupil to constrict or dilate?
    It causes the pupil to contract
  18. Is otosclerosis is a form of conduction deafness?
  19. What is the function of the eustachian tube?
    connects to the middle ear and the pharynx equalizes airpressure on both sides of the eardrum
  20. What is the function of the semicircular canals?
    Contain receptors and endolymph that help the body maintain its since of balance
  21. What does a tympanogram detect?
    Used to determine the air pressure of the middle ear and themobility of the tympanic membrane. The test is helpful for showing whether anear infection or fluid is present in the middle ear.
  22. What is a quantitative test?
    A test that determines the amount of substance per unit volumeor iunit weight
  23. Is it true that chain of custody procedures are extremely important when specimens are collectedand handled for drug and alcohol testing?
  24. Which is the most commonly analyzed body fluid in the lab?
  25. How much urine does the average person produce?
    750 to 2,000 ml average is 1500 in power point its 1.5 to 2L
  26. How much urine does the medical assistant request when the patientis giving a urine specimen?
    12 to 50 ml
  27. What is hematuria?
    Is the presence of intact red blood cells in urine
  28. Is it true when urine is fresh and warm, yeast organisms may be motileand appear to be dartingabout rapidly when the specimen is examined under a microscope?
  29. What are the physical hazards in the laboratory?
    Store supplies properly, spills use step stols electrical outlets
  30. Is it true that laboratories that perform moderate- to high-complexitytests must undergounannounced inspection every 2 years?
  31. Are patient samples tested in the medical laboratory to determinewhether test results are within acertain reference range?
  32. Why is culture and sensitivity (C&S) testing performed?
    Used to detect bacterial or fungal growth
  33. Which eating disorder involves bingeing and purging?
  34. Which health condition is related to stress?
  35. When fat is metabolized for energy end product results?
    They produce 9 calories of energy per gram/ fatty acids and gycerol
  36. When choosing the most nutritious type of bread, for what shouldyou look on the label?
    Serving size,calories,nutients,vitamin/ whole wheat or wholewheat flower
  37. A patient with a fat malabsorption may experience deficiencies inwhich vitamins?
    A,D,E, and K
  38. Which of the B vitamins is especially important for childbearingwomen to prevent neural tube defects?
    Vitamin b12
  39. What condition would be a sign of calcium toxicity?
    Hypercalcemia……kidney stones???
  40. Which are the fat soluble vitamins?

    A,D,E,and K
  41. What are health screening tests vs. diagnostic tests?
    Health screening is a physical vs. seing if you have a disease
  42. Which fiber is most effective in lowering blood cholesterol?
    Dietary=found in plant foods
  43. Iron is an important part of which compound?
  44. Dietary iodine is required to form which organ in the body
    Tyroid hormone in the brain
  45. Which of the following emergency situations should be managed first?
    Severe chest pain/ occluded airway
  46. When discovering an unresponsive person, what should the medicalassistant assess first?
    Check for pulse/ persons airway
  47. What should be done immediately when administering first aid to apatient with a partial-thicknesschemical burn?
    Flood the affected area with water
  48. Before CPR is initiated onan adult, the presence of circulation usually is determined by palpatingwhich pulse?
  49. What would the physician order if a patient is in hypoglycemia (insulin shock)?
  50. What care should be given to a patient who is having a grand mal seizure?.
    Make sure that they don’t hurt them selves and bite their tongue
  51. Before CPR is initiated on an infant, the presence of circulationusually is determined by palpatingwhich pulse?
  52. Lanoxin, Epinephrine, Lidocaine, Valium which would be given for CHF?
  53. Lanoxin, Epinephrine, Lidocaine, Valium which would be given to control seizures?
  54. Lanoxin, Epinephrine, Lidocaine, Valium which would be used as alocal anesthetic?
  55. Why is an AED used?
    Heart rhythm
  56. What is a CVA?
  57. What is glaucoma?
    Increase intraocular pressure
  58. What is a cataract?
    A cloudy lens
  59. What is nystagmus?
    Involuntary movement of one or both eyes
  60. What is tinnitus?
    A noise sensation of ringing heard in one or both ears
  61. What is syncope?
  62. Good Samaritan laws provide medical assistants with legal
    protection as long as they provide care

    that is?
    Within the scope
  63. While playing tennis, Ms. Salinas is hit in the eye with a balland experiences pain and swelling.Whom should she call for an appointment?
  64. When instilling ear drops the pinna should be pulled which way?
    Up and back
  65. Under what circumstances must sterile technique be used inperforming ophthalmic procedures?
    When any instrument or application touches the eye orsurrounding area when instilling any irrigation solution or medication
  66. What is the procedure for documenting distance visual acuity?
  67. What is the responsibility of an optician?
    To fill in prescription lens
  68. What is hemolyzed?
    The distruction or dissolution of red blood cells
  69. What is microbiology?
    The branch of science that deals with microorganisms
  70. Can a medical assistant interpret abnormal results and providingpatients with diagnoses?
  71. What is the act passed by Congress to establish quality standardsfor all laboratory testing?
  72. The categories of tests performed in the clinical laboratory are assignedby the FDA on the basis of ?
    potential risk to public health
  73. What are the waived tests?
    Easily performed and read. Simple lab exam and procedure thathave insignificant risk of erroneous result
  74. A blood culture and sensitivity (C&S) test is most likely tobe performed in which division of theclinical laboratory?
  75. You are preparing a chemical hygiene plan for your employer andneed copies of the materialsafety data sheets (MSDS) for several products in use in yourlaboratory. Who would you contact?
    The first step is to contact the manufacture of the product
  76. Which of the following is the most efficient method of preventingthe spread of infection in a laboratory?
    Washing hands
  77. The pledge of healthcare professionals to work to achieve the highest degree of excellence in thecare given to every patient is otherwise known as?
    As quality assurance
  78. Why would a centrifuge be used?
    To separate liquid from solids
  79. What are the steps used to balance a centrifuge?
    Requires that all tubes in the load have a partner in that theyare directly across from one another in the rotor holder
  80. What is a qualitative laboratory test result?
    Size, shape and maturity of cells
  81. The clinical chemistry department performs which tests?
    Hemoglobin serumen and glucose
  82. Casts in a urine specimendevelop in what part of the urinary tract?
    Lumen-tubes-make up nephron
  83. If a urine specimen cannot be analyzed within 30 minutes, the bestcourse of action is to?
    Refrigerate the specimen
  84. When instructing a female patient in how to obtain a clean-catch,midstream urine specimen, youshould tell her to use how many antiseptic towelettes?
  85. What tests are done on a 24-hour urine sample?
    Chemical analysis such as hormone level and creative clearancerate
  86. Physical assessment of a urine sample reveals clear, pale, straw-coloredurine with a sweet odor.What pathologic condition might this suggest?
    Diabetes mellitus
  87. The specific gravity of a urine specimen reads 1.035. This valueis considered: abnormally high,abnormally low, or normal?
    Abnormally high
  88. A urine specimen is tested and shown to have a pH of 8.0. Thisvalue is considered: abnormallyhigh, abnormally low, or normal?
  89. What is the first detectable sign of liver disease in the urine?
    Dark urine
  90. What is the first detectable sign of renal disease in the urine?
    Proteinuria, protein in the urine
  91. Standard practice in the clinical laboratory for compliance with CDCinfection control proceduresWould include?
    Washing hands and being clean
  92. A urine pregnancy test result is positive: only beforeimplantation of the fertilized egg, fromfertilization through the first trimester, from implantation ofthe fertilized egg through the firsttrimester, or from implantation of the fertilized egg through delivery?
    From implantation
  93. Which techniques are used to measure specific gravity?
    A urinometer
  94. A urine sample that can be collected at any given time is calleda______ specimen?
  95. What is a turbid urine sample?
    A cloudy urine sample
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