Chapter 1 - Introduction (Production Development)

  1. What are the characteristics of successful product development?
    • Product quality
    • Product cost
    • Development time
    • Development cost
    • Development capability
  2. What does the marketing function do?
    mediates the interactions between the firm and its customers
  3. What does the design function do?
    Plays a lead role in defining the physical form of the product to best meet customer needs
  4. What does the manufacturing function do?
    Primarily responsible for designing, operating and/or coordinating the production system
  5. What are the three main functions of product development?
    • marketing function
    • design function
    • manufacturing function
  6. What are the challenges of product development?
    • Trade-offs
    • dynamics
    • details
    • time pressure
    • economics
  7. Many products require ___ years to develop.
    3 to 5
  8. The cost of product development is roughly proportional to the ___ on the project team and to the ___.
    number of people, duration of the project
  9. Investment has to be made in the ___ required for production
    Tooling and equipment
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Chapter 1 - Introduction (Production Development)
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