1. what is a fracture
    a break in the bone
  2. what is a dislocation or luxation
    when a bone is a displaced from a joint (total dislocation)
  3. what is subluxation
    what is a sprain
    • partial dislocation
    • a forced wrenchin or twiating of a joint resulting in partial rupture or tearing o supporting ligaments w/o dislocation
  4. what is a simple fx
    compound fx:
    incomplete fx:
    torus fx:
    greenstick fx:
    • does not break through the skin
    • breaks through the skin
    • does not transverse thur entre bone
    • buckle of the cortex
    • when the fx is one side only
  5. what is a complete fx
    oblique fx:
    spiral fx:
    • the break is complete and the bone is broken into two pieces
    • passes thru bone at an angle
    • spiral bone has been twisted apart and the fx spirals around long axis  
  6. comminuted fx:
    impacted fx:
    • bone is splintered or crushed into pieces
    • when one ligament is firmly driven into another
  7. what is a bartons fx
    intrarticular fx of the posterior lip of the distal radius
  8. what bennets fx
    a longitudinal fracture occurring at the base of the first metacarpal with the fracture line entering the carpometacarpal joint
  9. boxers fx:
    most commonly involves the distal fifth metacarpal with an apex posterior angulation best demonstrated on the lateral view
  10. colles fx:
    the distal radius is fractured with the distal fragment displaced posteriorly (results from a fall on an outstretched arm)
  11. smiths (reverse colles) fx
    distal radius fx with anterior displacement
  12. epiphyseal fx:
    how do the radiologist classify this fx
    • fx through the epiphyseal plate
    • using slater harris classification of one through five
  13. what are pathological fx
    these fx are due to disease process within the bone
  14. tuft or burst fx (disease fx):
    comminuted fx of the distal phalanx due to a crushing blow to the distal finger or thumb
  15. rheumatoid arthritis (bone disease)
    chronc system through disease with inflammatory changes occuring thoughout the bodies connective tissues swelling around the wrist
  16. osteoarthritis:
    what is it aka
    • known as degenerative joint disease
    • characterized by deterioration of the articular cartilage with hypertrophic (enlargementor overgrown) bone formation. It is considered a normal part of the aging process. Decrease technique
  17. monteggia's fx:
    a fx of the proximal half of the ulna along with dislocation of the radial head may result fron defending against blows with the raised forearm
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