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  1. Expired Script
    Hi, I'm looking for ____ ... Hi, ____ ... my name is Ryan with the Donovan Home Team of KWR ...

    I'm sure you figured out that your home came up on our computer as an expired listing ... and I was calling to see ...

    1. When do you plan on interviewing the right agent for the job of selling your home? (Never) Terrific!/Really!

    • 2. If you sold this home ... where would you go next? ( ) That's exciting!
    •      a.  Tell me more about that?
    •      b.  What's important about (x)?
    •      c.  Ultimately what does this mean for               you/your family?

    3. How soon do you have to be there? (Already) Ouch!

    4. ____ ... what do you think stopped your home from selling? (The Agent) Really!

    5. How did you happen to pick the last agent you listed with? (Referral) Great!

    6. What did that agent do that you liked best? (Nothing) Ouch!

    7. What do you feel they should have done? (Sold my house) 

    8. What will you expect from the next agent you choose? (Sell my house) Terrific!

    9. Have you already chosen an agent to work with? (No) Wonderful!

    10. I would like to apply for the job of selling your home ... are you familiar with the techniques I use to sell homes? (No) Your kidding!

    11. What would be the best time show you ... Monday or Tuesday at ____?
  2. Same Agent
    I can appreciate that you want to relist with the same agent ... and ... let me ask you ... has there ever been a time when you tried to get something to work OVER and OVER again, but it still didn't work.  Has that ever happened to you before?

    Well this time is just like that time ... May I explain?

    You see ... agents generally have one approach to getting homes sold ... and it doesn't always work.  You know that now don't you?

    I mean, if your agent had more tricks in his bag ... don't you think he would have clearly used them WELL BEFORE the property expired ... I mean SERIOUSLY ... if he's claiming that THIS time he has some magic pill to get your home sold ... Doesn't it feel like a Huge disservice to you that he didn't use that in the past 6 months??

    Now ... if you were one of the ___ clients that I already helped move in teh past 6 months you wouldn't have to be in this situation or even in this conversation ... Doesn't it make sense to ... MEET WITH ME ... and find out why my listings ... sell quickly ... and for top dollar?  Let's set an appointment today.

    Which is better for you ... Monday or Tuesday at ___?
  3. I'm not selling anymore
    1. If you had received an accepatable offer last week ... would you have sold it? (If yes, close for appointment. If no ask #2)

    2. If you were absolutely sure that your home would sell, would you put it back on the  market?
  4. Bad market
    1. I'm not going to buy into the idea that your home didn't sell because the market is slow.  Instead, I'd like to stop by, take a look at your home and figure out why it didn't sell and also what it will take to get it sold this time ... then you can decide if we should be working together.  What would be the best time _______ or _______?

    2. Your right, the market is slow compared to ___ years ago ... and did you know that homes were still selling in our market last month?  It would have been great if yours was on of them, wouldn't it?  Let me stop by and show you what I'm going to do to make sure that your home is one of the ones that will sell this month.  What would be the best time ____ or ____?
  5. Wait
    1. If there was a benefit to you to sell your home now vs. waiting until _____ would you sell it?

    2. If I could get your home sold by ____ would that pose a problem for you?

    • 3. If I would have brought you a great offer
    • yesterday would you have sold the home?
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