Sociology Environmental Sociology Exam 3

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  1. Two prongs or approaches in environmental soc impact and inequality
    • how people and patterns of human behavior impact the environment
    • how patterns of behavior impact some more than others
  2. Environmental degregation and it's causes
    disruption to the environment (ie animals, humans, plants) and inanimate objects (mountains, oxygen, etc) by taking natural resources or adding (pollution)

    • surface mining
    • deforestation
    • oil extraction
  3. Waste disposal trends, byproducts of waste disposal
    • solid waste generation increased by 1 lb per day
    • toxic waste and nuclear waste by factory byproduct
  4. Fracking in NC
    pump water into shale to release gas

    • NC fracking commissioners vow to relax state water testing 
    • NC returns EPA grant to study fracking effects on streams and wetland
  5. Number 1 reason we promote environmental degregation
  6. Conspicuous Consumption
    socially encouraged consumerism (thorstein reblen)
  7. The Story of stuff
    • people in chain suffer so you can get low cost
    • planned obsolescence - designed to be useless after x amount of time, make things break on purpose
    • perceived obsolescence - convinces us to through away useful things that still work
  8. New Research about "tipping points" in climate change
    • things we'll witness in our lifetime because of global warming (forest fires, melted ice, etc)
    • the point of no return
  9. climate injustice
    climate change disproportionately burdens minority groups
  10. Health Impacts of Environmental Inequality
    • inequality by class
    • "environmental racism" intentional or unintentional enactment of policies that disproportionately impact minorities and communities
  11. explanations for environmental inequality 
    Economic Explanation
    Treadmill of production hypothesis: growing need for capital investment, need workers and raw material and energy, creates economic wealth and polution
  12. explanations for environmental inequality 
    Discrimination based explination
    • Label minority neighborhoods as "appropriately polluted" places
    • people there are sub-par anyways, it's justified
  13. Environmental Justice
    • equal access to decision making process
    • equal access to clean environment
  14. General Frame for environmental justice Capek
    • right to accurate info
    • public hearing
    • democratic participation
    • compensate injured
    • Express solidarity
    • abolish environmental injustice
  15. Functionalism and Environment
    Focus on improving technology to make it greener, not big changes to economy

    Environmental degregation as inevitable dysfunction of a functional economy
  16. Conflict Theory
    • Classic - Environmental desegregation is byproduct of capitalism that impacts mostly working class (consume material, pay workers)
    • Modern - Power elite make business decisions and environmental regulations in a way that minimizes personal impact 
    • Eco-feminism - Patriarchy is the ideological underpinning of environmental degregation (world is plae for domination, control, competition)
  17. Symbolic interaction
    • look at sum of individual interaction on problem
    • children learn core values that are considered important in the Us via socialization but they can be detrimental to environment 

    equal opportunities, education, change habits, new energy
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