history 7 chapter 7

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  1. which class of citizens held power?
  2. how long did kings rule in early Rome?
    144 years
  3. which officials looked after ordinary people
  4. the most important magistrates were
    two councils
  5. whose name means revered one
  6. the twelve tables was about roman what?
  7. in Greece who mad the laws
  8. who held supreme power in crisis
  9. in what year was Julius Caesar murdered
    42 b.c
  10. what do you think the greatest achievement by Augustus
    he brought an end to the civil war
  11. how often was free corn given out to the poor
    every month
  12. how long had the civil wars lasted after Caesars death
    13 years
  13. why was a police force needed
    crime was increasing
  14. why did Augustus widen the Tiber river
    to prevent floods
  15. who were the two main candidates to replace the dead Caesar
    Antony and Octavian
  16. how did the two rivals cooperate at first
    they split the kingdom
  17. who eventually took Caesars place
  18. were did Octavian defeat his rival
  19. which title was Octavian's favorite
  20. what does priceps mean
    first citizen
  21. what does the bible call Octavian
    Caesar Augustus
  22. what does this title mean
    the revered
  23. what was the pax romana mean
    roman time of peace and prosperity
  24. give three examples of the many groups of philosopher of ancient Rome
    stoics, epicurean
  25. give two names for Jesus that means anointed one
    messiah, Christ
  26. what was the counted total population and value of property in each provence
  27. were did most Jews gather on the sabbath day
    in place of worship, were they study the old testament sabbath
  28. what was the version that the Jews read
  29. what was the place of the Jews were living around
  30. was married into a Jewish family and was ruling pal sine a the local king
  31. what was the name for pope Gregorian
    Gregorian calender
  32. nebacanezzer was the king of what?
    new Babylon
  33. the rock represents the kingdom of messiah, Jesus Christ this kingdom will fill the what?
    whole earth
  34. what kind of people were summoned to interpret nebacabezzars dream
    magitions, and asrologer
  35. what were the two things that they had to tell nebacanezzar
    • what was the dream
    • and what did the dream mean
  36. who was arioch
    the captain of the kings guards
  37. when and how did gods revelation come to Daniel
    at night in a dream
  38. what happened to the rock according to the prophecy
    the rock will strike the image will fill the earth
  39. if I went to Gaul today were would I go
  40. what was the river Rome was built on
    Tiber river
  41. the group that lived in Rome and made the first cities
  42. who was Rome named after?
  43. who was Romulus's brother
  44. what was the farmers and crafts man called
  45. what was the name of roman temple named for their gods
  46. the powerful body advisory lord to the king
  47. what was the name for the three wars
    first, second and third Punic war
  48. who won the first Punic war
  49. how did Julius die
    he was stabbed
  50. three names for Octavian
    Caesar Augustus, princeps, and emperor
  51. were did the Jews scatter
    all over the world
  52. were did the Jews go to worship
  53. were can you fund nebacanezzars story
    Daniel 2
  54. what does messiah mean
    anointed one
  55. what was the day of worship for the Jews called
  56. name three goddess/god 
    Jupiter, Zeus, hear, Neptune
  57. what did Rome form the fourth century
    Latin league
  58. who was pyrus
    the Greek king who helped Rome
  59. what attitude did Rome hope it conquered lands would have toward the empire
    not to rebellious
  60. what city became Rome's chief rival
  61. what daring leader lead a large group of men, horses, and elephants over the alps to attack Rome
  62. who led Rome to victory in the middle east and captured Jerusalem
  63. who conquered Gaul for Rome
  64. when was Caesar murdered
    march 44bc
  65. why was he murdered
    to restore the senates power
  66. what two large islands lie near Italy
    Sardinia, Sicily
  67. what is Italy shaped like
    a high heeled boot
  68. what is Rome's place in Daniels prophecy
    fourth kingdom
  69. who established colonies on the island of Sicily and the southern Italian Mainland
    Greek or Greece
  70. what tribe established the city of Rome
  71. why was the cite of Rome such a good place for a city 
    because the river was navagative
  72. were did Rome get most of its gods
    Etruscans, Greece, and Egypt
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