1. magnanimity
    the quality of being generously noble in mind and in heart, esp. forgiving

    —Synonyms 1. big, liberal, unspiteful

    The thief apoligized to the women who showed great magnanimity when she forgave him.
  2. martial
    associated with war and armed forces

    —Synonyms 2. military, soldierly.

    The martial arts group had 12% less body fat compared with their lazier counterparts.
  3. nascent
    coming into being; in early development stages

    Synonyms:beginning, blossoming, burgeoning, pubescent

    My research presentation was only in its nascent form when I found out the it was cancelled.
  4. nebulous
    vague; lacking clearly defined form

    The test asked a nebulous question to write an essay about.
  5. neologism
    a new word, expression, or usage
  6. noxious
    harmful, injurious

    —Synonyms 1. hurtful, unwholesome, unhealthy, nocuous, detrimental,deleterious. 2. corruptive.

    The synthetic form of marijuana may be noxious to my health.
  7. obtuse
    not clear in thought or expression

    —Synonyms 1. unfeeling, tactless, insensitive; blind, imperceptive,unobservant; gauche, boorish; slow, dim.
  8. onerous
    troubling; burdensome

    —Synonyms 1. heavy, crushing, grievous; irksome, galling.

    The government could set rules onerous enough to make people revolt.
  9. paean
    a song or hymn of praise and thanksgiving
  10. parody
    a humorous imitation intended for ridicule or comic effect, esp. in literature and art

    —Synonyms 1, 2. See burlesque.

    His hilarious parody of Hamlet's soliloquy was really entertaining.
  11. perennial
    recurrent through the year or many years

    —Synonyms 1. perdurable; constant, incessant, continual. 4. imperishable,undying, eternal, immortal.

    My dry spell has become too perennial.
  12. perfidy
    intentional breach of faith; treachery

    Synonyms:betrayal, white trash, dirty trick

    The perfidy of the husband caused his wife to kill him.
  13. perfunctory
    cursory; done without care or interest; performed merely as a routine

    —Synonyms 1, 2. negligent, heedless, thoughtless, uninterested.

    He did a perfunctory job cleaning his dad's car, finishing quickly but leaving a few spots still dirty.
  14. perspicacious
    acutely perceptive; having keen discernment

    —Synonyms 1. perceptive, acute, shrewd, penetrating.

    He was a perspicacious student of human nature, and knew how we would react.
  15. prattle
    to babble meaninglessly; to talk in an empty manner

    —Synonyms 1. gab, jabber, gabble, blab.

    I cannot stand to listen to girls who prattle.
  16. precipitate
    • 1- acting with excessive hate
    • 2- to bring about prematurely

    —Synonyms 1. accelerate. 4. crystallize. 12. reckless, impetuous.
  17. predilection
    a disposition in favor of something; a preference

    —Synonyms bias, inclination, leaning, liking, weakness, predisposition,prepossession.

    My predilection for expensive shampoo has caused me to waste a lot of money.
  18. prescience
    foreknowledge of events

    Synonyms: foreknowledge, omniscience, prediction,

    It is weird how some psychics truly exhibit prescience.
  19. prevaricate
    to deliberately avoid the truth; to mislead

    —Synonyms evade, shift.

    John always prevaricates, he almost distorts the truth and actually believes it.
  20. qualms
    misgivings; reservations; causes for hesitancy

    Everyone should always have qualms when entering the ghetto in a nice car.
  21. lucid
    clear; easily understood

    Synonyms: apprehensible, explicit, limpid, luminous,

    The directions to the exam were very lucid.
  22. obviate
    to anticipate and make unnecessary

    Winning the lottery obviated the need for her to apply for a loan.
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