The Scientific Method

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  1. 10 Steps?
    • Observation
    • Question
    • Hypothesis
    • Prediction
    • Test
    • Results of test
    • Further testing
    • Theory
    • Principle or law
  2. Hypothesis?
    An educated guess put forward as a possible explanation
  3. Theory?
    A hypothesis that stands up against all tests
  4. Principle/Law?
    A theory that is successful against long term testing
  5. Features of an acceptable experiment?
    • Well planned and designed
    • Clearly stated purpose
    • Full risk assessment carried out
    • Safety during procedures
    • Control must be designed
    • Repeated to obtain accurate results
    • Results should discredit or support hypothesis
    • Results should be verified
    • Free of bias-large sample size for accuracy
    • Random selection¬†
    • double-blind testing-test group unknown to investigator and test subjects
  6. Limitations to scientific method?
    • Interpretation of results limited to present knowledge
    • Living organisms are rarely predictable
    • Only one confirmed negative results can disprove a theory
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