law 3

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  1. Role of Judges
    • 1. Referee in a trial
    • a. Ruling on evidence
    • b. Rules of court
    • 2. Resolve cases w/o trial
    • Symbol of justice
    • Most prestigious job
    • Many defer their jobs to others
  2. How one becomes a judge/ what makes a good judge
    • 1. Elected
    • a. Political
    • b. Not really about how qualified you are
    • 2. Appointed (federal)
    • a. For life (unless impeached)
    • Usually lawyer before judge (10 yrs)
  3. Traditional independence
    • work with all branches of gov
    • ---Interpret laws
    • ---Provides forum
    • ---Attempt to resolve cases w/o trial
  4. Food reward dog
    • Only eats when finds narcotics
    • Sits when smells
    • ---Then have probable cause ---> then need warrent
    • Have to be standing somewhere legally
    • Just like plain view
  5. Judicial selection process
    • 12 people headed by lawyer interview
    • ---then on governors list of potential appointees
    • ------most people on that list all their life
    • ---------6-12 appointments a yr from group of 300
    • ---political connection with someone with important gov or in legislature
    • ---tremendous info of law
    • ---common sense
  6. 3 people in court
    • Citizens
    • mopes
    • predators
  7. citizens
    • made one wrong mistake
    • mopes
    • cant get out of their own way 90% people- cant get anything accomplished
    • lazy or drug addicts
  8. predator
    • bad, did something bad and most likely going to do it again
    • ---usually cant be fixed (rehab)
    • ---so give incremental sentence
    • ---if come back then you need to get a worse sentence
    • ------most people come back over and over again bc they don’t know how to live their adult life
  9. Mandatory minimum sentencing
    takes discretion away from judge
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