1980's Important People (1)

  1. This is where Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created their first personal computer
    In their garage in California (Apple)
  2. She is the first American women to go into space
    Sally Ride
  3. Known as the "Subway vigilante", he killed 3 men in New York City
    Bernie Goetz
  4. Joseph Hazlewood's accident resulted in this
    An oil spill
  5. This company in 1983 sold products to be consumed that contained poison
    1982 Tylenol Scare
  6. The site of US invasion in the Caribbean in the 1980's
    Greenade Island
  7. First non astronaut to fly in space in 1986 by winning a contest. Space shuttle blew up resulting in her death
    Christa McAuliffe
  8. On November 21, 1980 he was shot and for over a  year no one knew who shot him until the next season of Dallas
    J.R Ewing
  9. Astronaut from Murfreesboro
    Rhea Seddon
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1980's Important People (1)