Contemporary Issues Midterm (3)

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  1. What action happened before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 ?
    President Ronald Reagan went to the Berlin Brandenburg Gate and told them to tear the wall down (Fall of Berlin Wall)
  2. What countries in the past 6 years have had popular overthrows/challenges to their government?
    Tunsia, Egypt, Syria
  3. Identify 5 specific news stories or headlines that are political/ involve politics
    • 1) Caroline Kennedy becomes the new ambassador of Japan
    • 2) The Government shutdowns from Oct. 1-16
    • 3) Nelson Mandela passes away
    • 4) Rep. and Democrats argue over Affordable Care Act Law¬†
    • 5) Former President Bush and Obama fly together to Nelson Mandela's funeral in Africa
  4. Identify 5 specific news stories or headlines that involve science/technology/nature
    • 1) Train crash in Bronx, NY
    • 2) Wild Fire in Idaho and California
    • 3) Twin towers are rebuilt
    • 4) Shooting Meter explodes over Russia
    • 5) Flooding in Mississippi and Colorado¬†
    • 6) Virginia Tech does a car experiment about drowsy driving
  5. Identify 5 specific news stories or headlines that concern sports, arts or leisure
    • 1) Florida A & M university's band is back after scandal a few years ago
    • 2) Boston Red Socks wins world series
    • 3) 2020 Olympic location and set up is revealed
    • 4) Paul Walker dies
    • 5) MLB considers instant replays
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