Government midterm study guide 6

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  1. Name the writers of the federalist papers ?
    Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison
  2. Name something that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were
    Founder , Framer
  3. Father of our constitution
    George Washington
  4. What territory did the U.S by from France in 1803?
  5. Name one war fought during the U.S in the 1800’s
    • War of 1812,
    • Civil War,
    • Mexican War,
    • Spanish American War
  6. Name the war between the north and the south ?
    The civil war
  7. What lead to the civil war ?
    Slavery, State rights, succession
  8. Name one important thing that Abraham Lincoln did
    freed the slaves
  9. What did the Emancipation proclamation do ?
    Freed the slaves
  10. What did Sussian B. Anthony do?
    Fought for women rights
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