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  1. Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR) commanders are responsible for?
    Coordinating and integrating HSS within their area of operations.
  2. Who deals with matters more on the operation level of war?
  3. Who is more focused toward the tactical level?
  4. Medical Staff for the MARDIV?
    Division surgeon, medical planner/admin, phsyc and HMs
  5. Who assist during planning when at company or platoon lvl?
  6. Medical staff for MAW?
    Wing surgeon, medical planner/admin, environmental officer (EHO), industrial hygienist, optometry and HMs.
  7. How many MAGs in a MAW?
    4 Marine Aircraft groups
  8. What’s the make up of the MLG?
    Medical Bn = 3 surgical co, 8 STPs, Dental Bn, MEDLOG/Supply Bn.
  9. Primary Mission of Medical Bn?
    To perform those emergency medical and surgical proc that, if not done, could lead to death or loss of limb or body function.
  10. Whole structure of the Medical Bn?
    260 beds, 9 ORs
  11. How many STPs in the Medical Bn HS co?
  12. Each surgical co holds how many beds and ORs?
    60 beds and 3 ORs
  13. What is the smallest, most mobile medical support platoon of the medical Bn?
  14. Whats the primary mission for the Dental Bn?
    Provide dental health maintenance with focus on emergency care
  15. Who maintains the medical equipment for the MLG?
    MEDLOG co
  16. T or F LF Class VIIIa Equipment and supplies will be used aboard the ship for the landing forces personnel?
  17. Who is responsible for HSS for all personnel in each ATF ship?
    The ship’s SMO
  18. What type of ships are suitable for use as CRTSs?
    LHD, LHA, LPH.
  19. In order for CRTS ships to be fully medical capable, what needs to happen?
    They requiere augmentation by Navy medical department personnel
  20. What medical care is transportable, medically and surgically intensive, and deployable in a variety of operational scenarios?
    Fleet Hospitals
  21. What ships are a floating hospital? Name them?
    T-AH USNS Comfort and Mercy
  22. Combine the pacific and atlantic fleet have ___ teams that are considered the fleet CINC’s assets?
  23. Who provides medical support for other peacetime contingencies that cannot be covered by FSTs?
    MMARTs (mobile medical augmentation readiness teams)
  24. What is the purpose of MAP?
    Is the means by which operating forces are brought to wartime manning levels by personnel augmentation.
  25. Who manages MAP?
  26. Who may authorize additional staffing billets if needed during special cases for MAP?
  27. Who plans appropriate levels of class VIIIA for HSS missions, reporting up to Commander?
    Med Planner
  28. The authorizing commander is responsible for funding AMAls/ADALs above the lvl prescribed by?
    The Marine Corps order 4400 series
  29. How long are the AMALs/ADALs supposed to last?
    For the first 60 days.
  30. For operations longer than 60 days who is supposed to provide resupply?
    Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager (SIMLM)
  31. As the dominant user who has been formally tasked as the DOD to perform peacetime SIMLM mission in the European and Korean theaters?
    U.S. Army
  32. The Plan for Patient Movement Items PMI should be addressed where?
    Respective Operation Plan (OPLAN)
  33. When tactical situations permits during combat operations what is the safest method of fiel disposal?
    Burning and deep burial over 6 ft
  34. When do medical material and supplies lose the protection afforded by the Geneva Conventions?
    When mixed with combat supplies
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