Personality Development

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  1. What is psychodynamic theory?
    A personality theory
  2. Which theorist is responsible for psychodynamic theory?
    Sigman Freud
  3. What did Sigman Freud believe about personality?
    There is 3 componets.
  4. What are the three componets of personality developed by sigman freud?
    Id, Ego, and Super Ego
  5. Explain ID
    It's responsible for all urges. Kind of like the devil on your shoulder telling you to go with your wants.
  6. What is Super Ego?
    Responsible for ideals and morals. Angel on your shoulder.
  7. What does Ego do?
    Moderates demands from both Id and Super Ego and reality!
  8. What is the humanistic theory?
    The importance of free will and individual experience in the development of personality.
  9. What is self-actualization ?
    the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities.
  10. Who is the Humanist theorist?
    Abraham Maslow
  11. What is the social cognitive theory?
    Social Learning
  12. what are the three learning theories presented by Albert Bandura?
    • 1. People can learn through observation.
    • 2. Internal mental states are an essential part of the process.

    3. Just because something has been learned does not mean that it will result in change of behavior.
  13. What is the Trait Theory?
    Theory that is based off differences between people.
  14. Which theorist is responsible for trait theory?
    Gordon Allport
  15. how many words can be used to describe different personality traits?
  16. What are cardinal traits?
    traits that dominate an individuals entire life. Often to the point where the individual is known for those traits.
  17. WHat are central traits?
    General characteristics that form the basic foundations of personality.
  18. what are secondary traits?
    traits that are sometimes related to attitudes or preferences and often appear only in certain situations or under specific circumstances.
  19. What is projective testing?
    a personality test in which the individual offers responses to ambiguous scenes, word or images.
  20. How does projective testing work?
    Participant is shown an image, and then asked to give the first response that crosses their mind. the underlying and unconscious motivations or attitudes are revealed.
  21. What is one of the first projective test and continues to be known as one of the best?
    Rorschach Inkblot
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