Psychology Human Development

  1. What is attachment?
    A tie that bonds two or more people/animals together with desire to see each other on a regular basis.
  2. How is attachment evolutionary?
    Over the years attachment has become an instinctive response by infants and children making it evolutionary. These responses include smiling, grabbing parents fingers (moro-reflex), and searching for a nipple.
  3. What is the chemical in woman that make them attach to their babies?
  4. Do blind babies smile? Even though they don't see the facial expressions of their guardians?
  5. How does Attachment boost infants survival?
    By increasing protection and making baby owners love them dearly.
  6. What is Cognitive Development?
    Mental Development.
  7. Who is the main researcher responsible for cognitive development?
    Jean Piaget
  8. Jean piaget uses this term to identify experiences that happen during a life time. This also helps organize, and interpret information in the brain.
  9. A child confusing a rat for a dog is an example of what ?
  10. PArents correcting a child who is confusing a rat for a dog is considered what according to piaget?
  11. What is Psychosocial Development?
    The development of personality
  12. Who is the main theorist responsible for psychosocial development?
    Erik Erikson
  13. What is Erikson's theory?
    "Ego Identity." Learning through social experiences over a lifetime.
  14. What is Ego Identity?
    Conscious sense of self that we develop through social interaction. It is constantly changing due to new experiences.
  15. What is moral development?
    Moral development focuses on the emergence, change, and understanding of morality from infancy through adulthood.
  16. What is pre-conventional morality?
    Occurring mostly in children, this stage is "following the rules to avoid punishment" All about me. me. me. and doing things to better themselves
  17. What is conventional morality?
    Living up to social roles and expectations. Most people fall into this category. Emphasize conformity. being "nice" to better relationships. People amongst this group respect authority.
  18. What is post conventional morality?
    • People starting to account for others opinions, views, and beliefs of others. They understand law and order is important but should be agreed upon.
    • In stage 2 of this there is an internalized law & order and they have an abstract way of reasoning.
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