week 1. part 3

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  1. be that as it may
    • cu' cho la nhu vay di
    • = admittedly
  2. be caught in a vicious circle
    trouble after trouble
  3. (be opening) a can of worms
    • a mess of trouble u dont want to deal as it'll be troublesome
    • (never get onto corruption with the police. this will be opening a can of worm)
  4. the acid test
    test to prove true value
  5. the other side of the coin is that ...
    mat trai, mat khac (ca tieu cuc lan tich cuc)
  6. tie yourself (up) in knots
    • get confused, stop when explaining...
    • she tried to explain, but she soon tied herself up in knots
  7. be brought/called to account for st
    bi bat di giai trinh ve viec j
  8. give sb the benefit of the doubt
    • tam tin vay
    • i'm not sure if he is telling the truth but i will give him the benefit of the doubt
  9. go round in circles
    getting nowhere when discussing
  10. won't give/budge an inch
    • i'm prepared to compromise, but he wont' budge an inch
    • ko chiu nhuong nhin, hop tac 1 ti nao
  11. no such luck
    • A: u got a job?
    • B: no such luck!
  12. the more, the merrier
    cang dong cang vui
  13. you can say that again
    means: i totally agree
  14. there's nothing to it
    • means: you think st is easy
    • A: how could you succeed? -> B: there's nothing to it
  15. don't make me laugh
    • you don't believe
    • A: you can fly. B: don't make me laught
  16. how time flies!
    thoi gian troi nhanh that!
  17. it's a small world
    we bumped into your teacher in paris. it's a small world
  18. it's neither here or there
    • not important
    • A: what do you think about the prblm? B: it's neither here nor there what i think
  19. it's six of one and half a dozen of the other
    • two people equally responsible for st
    • A: who do you think is to blame:? -> B: it's six of one and half a dozen of the other@
  20. i can take it or leave it
    • ko thich, ko ghet, cam thay binh thuong
    • what do you think about his behavior? -> i can take it or leave it
  21. you name it
    • luke got so many games
    • -> i know. you name it, he's got it
  22. this is the life!
  23. get a life
    find st more interesting to do
  24. you havent lived!
    do nha que =))
  25. such is/ that's life
    doi ma =))
  26. that's/it's the story of my life
    bad things always happen
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