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  1. ´╗┐The parasympathetic nerve to the heart is the?
    vagus nerve
  2. Sympathetic fibers reach the heart via which nerves?
    accelerator nerves
  3. This nerve innervates the S-A and A-V nodes and can alter heart rate by secreting acetylcholine onto the nodes.
    Vagus nerve
  4. The endings of these nerves secrete norepinephrine which increases the rate and force of myocardial contractions.
    accelerator nerves
  5. This structure controls the balance between the inhibitory actions of the parasympathetic nervous system and the stimulatory actions of the sympathetic nervous system.
    The cardiac control center
  6. This reflex is important in maintaining normal blood pressure by causeing a rapid response to changes in blood pressure
    baroreceptor reflex
  7. The most important ions that influence heart action are?
    potassium and calcium
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