Aircraft Systems Final Review

  1. What are two types of fluids?
    • Compressible
    • Incompressible
  2. What type of fluids create pressure?
  3. How is hydraulic pressure created?
    By the resistance in fluid movement
  4. What are two basic systems in controlling hydraulic pressure?
    • Pressure regualtor
    • Relief valves
  5. in a hydraulic system, what permits fluid to flow in one direction?
    Check valves
  6. What are the three kinds of hydraulic actuators?
    • Single Acting
    • Double Acting
    • Rotary
  7. Which hydraulic actuator has instantaneous reversal capability?
  8. What are the four enemies of hydraulic fluid?
    • Water
    • Dirt
    • Heat
    • Air
  9. What is the primary and secondary purpose of the electrical system?
    • Primary: Ignite fuel/air mixture
    • Secondary: Run the multitude of electrical equipment
  10. What is the definition of AMPS and what do they measure?
    The amount of electrons flowing through a conductor

    They measure the flow rate or current
  11. What is used to test an lead-acid battery?
  12. What kind of electrical equipment is used in an aircraft?
  13. What does the Ammeter indicate?
    Provides information on current flow
  14. What is the first thing you d when making a decision about load shedding?
    Study the electrical load prior to flight.
  15. What 2 heater systems are common in an aircraft?
    • Combustion heater
    • Exhaust manifold heater
  16. What heater system in an aircraft is the simplest and lowest maintenance?
    Exhaust manifold heater
  17. What happens to the atmosphere as altitude increases?
    pressure and temperature decrease
  18. At what altitude does pressure stop decreasing?
    36,000' (troposphere)
  19. What is the worst scenario for a pressurized aircraft?
    Fatigue caused by a multitude of shorter flights
  20. Which gauge indicates the difference in pressure outside the cabin and inside?
    Cabin pressure differential gauge
  21. What kind of supplemental oxygen is provided for passengers?
    Continuous flow oxygen system
  22. Twin engine aircraft share what on their vacuum system?
    a common manifold
  23. How should vacuum system filters be cleaned?
    Replace them, dont clean them
  24. How do you minimize heat on tires?
    • Proper inflation
    • Taxi slow as practical
    • Keep ground maneuvering to a minimum
    • reduce/eliminate braking
    • operate as slow and safely as possible
  25. When does hydroplaning occur?
    When taking off or landing on surface with still water deeper than tread depth of tires
  26. Which type of hydroplaning involves turning water to steam?
    Reverted Rubber Hydroplaning
  27. What piece of equipment keeps landing gear pointed straight?
    Torque links
  28. What prevent inadvertent gear retraction on the ground?
    • Landing gear safety devices
    • Mechanical down locks
    • Saftey Switches
    • Ground locks
  29. What are the functions of an anti skid system?
    • Normal skid control
    • Locked Wheel skid control
    • touchdown protection
    • fail safe protection
  30. What are two types of forced air induction systems?
    • Turbo charger
    • Super charger
  31. What are two main sections of a turbo charger?
    • Compressor
    • Turbine
  32. Does a turbo charger increase fuel efficiency and does is create more stress on the engine?
    • No
    • No
  33. What is key to the longevity of an engine or turbo?
  34. What is the most common reason turbo chargers fail?
    Lack of lubrication
  35. How much less does a turbine engine weigh compared t a reciprocating engine?
  36. How fast does the compressor on a turbine engine spin?
    50,000 RPM
  37. What makes a turbine engine practically vibration free?
    • All four stages happen together
    • (intake, compression/combustion, power, exhaust)
  38. How is power measured for a turbine and reciprocating engine?
    • Turbine: ibs of thrust
    • Reciprocating: Horsepower
  39. how much power in a turbo prop engine derives from thrust?
  40. How much thrust does a turbo prop engine get from exhaust?
  41. What is axial flow named for?
    for how the air flows through the compressor
  42. What are 4 advantages of a fixed shaft turbine rotor?
    • shaft goes directly to compressor and then to reduction gearbox and prop shaft
    • provides rapid reverse thrust
    • provides controlled descents- no windmilling over speed
    • instantaneous power response
  43. What are 4 advantages of a free turbine rotor?
    • Prop can be stopped without shutting down engine
    • low prop speed during taxi
    • easier engine stating
    • better control of prop speed
  44. What principle does the TKS weeping wing de-icing system work off of?
    freezing point depressant concept
  45. What class of system was the airborne laser system?
  46. Was the airborne laser system a manual system?
    No, automatic system
  47. Is the airborne laser system still being developed?
    No, it was too expensive
  48. How does the cyclic work?
    The control for changing the pitch of each rotor blade individually
  49. How does the collective work?
    collective changes the pitch angle of all the main rotor blades collectively
  50. What other component changes the pitch of the blades?
  51. Do helicopters use a constant rotor speed?
  52. What is the primary and secondary purpose of a rotor brake?
    • Primary: Slow rotor down
    • Secondary: Keep rotor from spinning on ground
  53. What are the two types of a rotor brake system?
    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic
  54. What brake system is used an a rotor brake system?
    Disk brakes
  55. How much power goes to the tail rotor system?
  56. a "fan in tail" system is referred to as?
  57. What does the NOTAR anti torque system utilize?
    Coanda effect
  58. On an AH-64, what is the name of the machine gun, rocket launcher, and what does it fire? also
    • M261 Rocket Launcher
    • AGM-114 Hellfire missiles
    • M230 Chain gun
  59. What is the primary hook called on an external load device?
    Belly hook
  60. Who regulates the use of a belly hook?
  61. What are four primary types of float designs?
    • Fixed utility
    • Boat haul design
    • Pop-out floats
    • Limited water capability
  62. What are 3 main types of rotor systems?
    • Rigid
    • Semi-rigid
    • fully articulated
  63. How many GPS satellites are out there?
    Who where they designed for?
    How fast does signal travel?
    How many satellites are required to get a good signal?
    • 30
    • US Government for military navigation
    • Speed of light
    • minimum of 3
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