Vocabulary Q2 Final

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  1. savior-faire
    social competence
  2. picaresque
    characteristic of adventurers
  3. nemesis
    an unbeatable rival
  4. lampoon
    to satirize
  5. eclat
    great brilliance
  6. cataclysm
    a devastating upheaval
  7. carte blanche
    full freedom to act at one's own discretion
  8. debauch
    to corrupt morally
  9. fastidious
    hard to please
  10. malleable
    capable of being altered
  11. philistine
    lacking cultural refinements
  12. queasy
  13. ambivalent
    having conflicting feelings
  14. beatitude
    a state of perfect happiness
  15. ecumenical
    universal influence
  16. gargantuan
    of immense size
  17. infrastructure
    a basic foundation
  18. protege
    someone under jurisdiction of a foreign country
  19. sycophant
    a defamer
  20. tautology
    needless repetition
  21. prototype
    an original model
  22. kudos
    praise for an achievement
  23. incubus
    a demon
  24. fetid
    having an offensive odor
  25. bete noire
    a pet peeve
  26. ad hoc
  27. cantankerous
  28. empathy
    an understanding of someone's feelings
  29. hedonism
    pursuit of pleasure
  30. nepotism
    excessive patronage of one's relatives
  31. piece de resistance
    an outstanding accomplishment
  32. syndrome
    symptoms indicating an abnormality
  33. pander
    to cater to the vices of others
  34. malcontent
    defiance of prevailing conditions
  35. harbinger
    a forerunner
  36. defacto
    in reality
  37. bathos
    grossly insincere
  38. acumen
    keenness of insight
  39. sublimate
    to redirect an impulse
  40. nihilism
    a total rejection of laws and values
  41. monolithic
    massive and uniform
  42. lackey
    a servile follower
  43. empirical
    derived from practical experience
  44. adjudicate
    to act as judge
  45. anachronism
    a chronological error
  46. flamboyant
    vividly colored
  47. immolate
    to kill as a sacrifice
  48. liaison
    a close relationship
  49. mot juste
    the most suitable expression
  50. patrician
    a member of the ruling class
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