Education 110

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  1. Circle of Courage sections
    • Belonging
    • Independence
    • Generosity
    • Mastery
  2. What is the Key aspects of Mastery?
    Problem solver, motivated, "I can" thinker, go on talent hunts
  3. What is key aspects of Belonging?
    "I am loved" thinker, friendship cooperation
  4. What are key aspects of Independence?
    self control, responsible, appropriate power, "I will" thinker
  5. What are key aspects of generosity?
    Caring, empathic, unselfish, "i help" thinker, moral minds
  6. What are the 6 Philosophies?
    Essentialism, Perennialism, Behaviorism, Progressivism, Existentialism, Social Reconstructionism
  7. Describe Perennialism
    purpose of school is lead learners to universal truths such as reason and faith, preferred curriculum: the liberal arts, humanities and classic lit.
  8. Describe Essentialism
    purpose of schooling is to train the intellect, maintain rigorous academic and moral standards, curriculum has emphasis on core knowledge essential to being a productive citizen
  9. Describe Behaviorism
    purpose of schooling is direct students' academic and social behavior by structuring the learning environment so as to encourage certain behaviors and discourage others, curriculum is more about the environmental variables than the content being taught
  10. Describe Existentailism
    No absolute truths, each person must determine purpose in life,
  11. Describe Social Reconstructionism
    Focus of school was to prepare students to be social change agents, infill a commitment to social/ political activism, democratic ideals, questioning the status quo
  12. Describe Progressivism
    purpose of school was to develop problem-solving skills, prepare students to participate in democratic society,curriculum was experience centered
  13. What are the 3 Philosophical Constructs?
    Metaphysics, Epistemology, Axiology
  14. Give the definition of metaphysics.
    Definition: the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of reality and existence.
  15. Give the definition of epistemology.
    Definition: The branch of philosophy concerned with the investigation of the nature of knowledge.
  16. Give the definition of axiology.
    Definition: The branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of values.
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