SpanII Trouble spots

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  1. Abrir
    to open
  2. Acostar
    to put to bed, to lay down
  3. Además
    besides, in addition, moreover
  4. Aferrar
    to grasp, to clutch
  5. Alguien
    Someone, somebody, anyone
  6. Alguno/a/os/as
    Some, any
  7. Apagar
    to extinguish,to put out, turn off
  8. Asistir
    to attend
  9. Bajar
    to go down, to decrease
  10. Barrer
    to sweep
  11. Caer
    to fall
  12. Cerrar
    to close
  13. Conseguir
    to get, to obtain
  14. Contestar
    to answer
  15. Debajo de
    under, below
  16. Delante de
    in front of
  17. Dejar
    to leave something/someone behind, to let/allow, to quit
  18. Dentro de
    inside of
  19. Despertar
    to wake up
  20. Detrás de
    behind, in back of
  21. Dibujar
    to draw
  22. Encima de
    on top of, above
  23. Enseñar
    to teach, to show
  24. Entregar
    to deliver
  25. Enviar
    to send
  26. Esconder
    to hide
  27. Extrañar
    to miss, to surprise, to find strange/not used to
  28. Frente a
    opposite, facing, across from
  29. Lavar
    to wash
  30. la llave
    the key
  31. llegar
    to arrive
  32. llevar
    to take, to wear, to carry
  33. llorar
    to cry
  34. llover
    to rain
  35. Mientras
    While, in the mean time
  36. Nadie
    no one/ nobody, not anyone
  37. Ninguno/a/os/as
    neither one, none, not any
  38. el paso
    the step, pace
  39. el pedazo
    the piece
  40. Perder
    to lose
  41. Prender
    to turn on
  42. el préstamo
    the loan
  43. Probar
    to taste; to test/try/prove
  44. Quitar
    to remove
  45. SeguirĀ  (sigo, sigue)
    to follow, to continue, to pursue
  46. Sentar
    to sit
  47. Subir
    to go up, climb, rise; to lift up, raise up
  48. tal vez
    maybe, perhaps
  49. Todavía
    still, yet
  50. TraerĀ  (triago, trae)
    to bring, to take something
  51. ya que
    since, now that
  52. para llevar
    to go (as in food)
  53. esto, este, esta
  54. eso, ese, esa
  55. esos, esas
  56. estos, estas
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