History 21-40

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  1. U.S. Politician and military leader who fought to gain independence for Texas from Mexico and to make it part of the U.S.
    Sam Houston
  2. The nation established in 1836 when American settlers in the Mexican province of Texas declared and fought for their independence, also commonly known at the time as the “Lone Star Republic”
    Republic of Texas
  3. To incorporate a territory into an existing political unit, such as state or nation.
  4. 11th president of the US, his expansionism led to the Mexican war and the annexation of California and much of the southwest.
    James Polk
  5. Known as “Old Rough and Ready.” The 12th president of the US.
    Zachary Taylor
  6. A colonel who marched his troops from ft. Leavenworth, Kansas across the desert to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nicknamed “The long marcher” because of the 800-mile March his men took to New Mexico.
    Stephen Keary
  7. The nation proclaimed by American settlers in California when they declared their independence from Mexico.
    Republic of California
  8. American general. Hero of War of 1812, captured Veracruz, defeated Santa Anna, and captured Chapultepec during the Mexican War.
    Windfield Scott
  9. Ends US war with Mexico; mexico ceded California and New Mexico to the US.
    Treaty of Guadalupe
  10. Purchase by US of land from Mexico.
    Gadsden Purchase
  11. Someone who migrated to California in search for riches after the gold was discovered.
  12. A movement of many people to a region where gold was discovered.
    Gold Rush
  13. An amendement to an 1846 military appropriations bill. Proposing that none of the territory aquired in the war with mexico would be open to slavery.
    Wilmot Proviso
  14. The formal withdrawal of a state from the union.
  15. A series of congressional measures intended to settle the major disagreements between free states and slave states.
    Compromise of 1850
  16. System in which residents vote to decide an issue.
    Popular Sovereignty
  17. United States politician who proposed that individual territories be allowed to decide whether they would have slavery be engaged in a famous series of debates with Abe Lincoln.
    Stephen A Douglass
  18. The 13th president of the US who succeeded to office after the death of Zachary Taylor. He struggled to keep the nation unified but lost the support of his whig party by attempting to enforce the fugitive state act in the North.
    Millard Fillmore
  19. A law enacted as part of the compromise of 1850, designed to ensure that escaped slaves would be returned into bondage.
    Fugitive Slave Act
  20. States, passed in 9 northern states in the 1850s that forbade the imprisonment of runaway slaves and guaranteed jury trials for fugitive slaves.
    Personal Liberty laws
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