Vocab 9

  1. anonymity
    • condition
    • of being nameless or unknown.  After
    • twenty years of anonymity, Ellis decided to put his real name on his new
    • novel
  2. chastise
    • to
    • criticize severely.  The editorial
    • writers in the local newspaper frequently chastise the mayor and the
    • city council for their insensitive and poorly conceived plans
  3. chronic
    • lasting a long time; constant.  When Dad’s cough became chronic, we
    • insisted he get a chest X-ray.
  4. dearth
    • shortage. 
    • There is currently a dearth of graduate mathematicians in the
    • United States.
  5. formidable
    • hard to overcome; to be dreaded.  Seemingly a mild-mannered reporter, Clark
    • Kent was actually the formidable Superman.
  6. implausible
    • not having the appearance of truth or reason.  The excuse Dan gave for missing the concert
    • was so implausible that we refused to believe him without more evidence.
  7. limbo
    • a region or condition of oblivion or neglect (from
    • the Latin on the border of
    • Hell).  Half-adult, half-child, and yet
    • neither, the adolescent occupies a special human limbo. (from The New Republic)
  8. mendacity
    • lying
    • or prevaricating.  Caught up by his own
    • web of lies, the Congressman shrieked that his accusers were just as guilty of mendacity
    • as he was
  9. Mephistophelean
    • usually
    • capitalized;
    • devilish or crafty (from the Devil in Goethe’s version of the Faust legend, in
    • which the scholar Faust sells his soul to the Devil).  With his dark and ominous behavior,
    • Heathcliff appeared slightly Mephistophelean, yet Cathy fell in love
    • with him.
  10. mercurial
    • changeable
    • or capricious.  Lawrence’s mercurial
    • temperament was accepted by his friends who could tolerate his swift mood
    • changes and volatile temper
  11. orthodox
    • adhering
    • to the accepted or traditional and established faith (especially in
    • religion).  Bishop Pike attracted a
    • number of loyal followers, even though his unconventional and radical ideas
    • challenged many of the orthodox teachings of the Church
  12. parsimonious
    • too
    • thrifty; stingy.  Dickens’ character
    • Scrooge, known for his tightfistedness, is regarded as an extreme example of
    • the parsimonious man
  13. recluse
    • ] a person who lives alone, away from others.  Maycomb, Alabama, had its recluse
    • about whom mysterious secrets were whispered.
  14. talon
    • the
    • claw of a bird of prey; any object suggestive of a claw.  The hawk’s talons closed on its prey,
    • locking it in a vise-like grip
  15. waive
    • to relinquish voluntarily; to dispense with; to
    • postpone.  The defense attorney decided
    • to waive his right to cross-examine the witness.
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