CNA - Chapter 12

  1. base of support
    the area on which an object rests
  2. body alignment / posture 
    the way the head, trunk, arms, and legs are aligned with one another
  3. body mechanics
    using the body in an efficient and careful way
  4. dorsal recumbent position / supine position
    the back-lying position
  5. ergonomics
    the science of designing a job to fit the worker
  6. Fowler's position
    a semi-sitting position; the head of the bed is raised between 45 and 60 degrees
  7. lateral position / side-lying position
    the person lies on one side or the other
  8. prone position
    lying on the abdomen with the head turned to one side
  9. semi-prone position / Sim's position
    a left side-lying position in which the upper leg is sharply flexed, so it is not on the lower leg, and the lower arm is behind the person
  10. MSD
    Musculoskeletal disorder
  11. OSHA
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
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CNA - Chapter 12
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