US History Final Identification

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  1. What year was horace mann born
    May 1796
  2. What political thing did he serve on
    Massachusetts House of representatives
  3. What were the 4 things Horace Mann created for Education
    pubic education through grade 12, a standardized curriculum for each grade, schools to train teachers, and a requirement to attend school
  4. What was the impact on the world with education reform
    get a good handle on how to run its school systems not only in Massachusetts but soon most northern states will adopt reform model
  5. What happened in 1837 with horrace man
    he let his law firm to become the new seat of secretary of education in Massachusetts
  6. What was Horace Mann's major impace
    Soon all of America would be able to read and write because of Horace's institutions
  7. When was Dorothea Dix born
    April 1802
  8. What did Dorothea Dix do?
    was an American activist who through constant battle with the US congress she would get the first American Mental Asylums
  9. What made Dorothea Dix start reforming
    saw very poor treatment of mentally poor people while she was on a committee that went to prisions, people locked in cages put in rooms, and tortured for something they could not understand
  10. What impact does Dorothea have on American society
    she improved conditions of asylums, prisons, She reformed asylums for the mentally ill. She did research on the conditions of jails and poorhouses, and found out they were a little inhumane. Allowing mentally ill people to be helped.
  11. Who founded the shakers and when
    Anne Lee 1780s believed to be the female side of christ
  12. what was the shakers real name
    the united society of believers of christ second coming
  13. What were the shakers beliefs
    First, they must live communally. Second, they must be celibate. Third, they must regularly confess their sins. And fourth, they must separate themselves from the outside world
  14. What were the shakers cultural contributions to society
    cultural contributions (especially their style of music and furniture), celibate and communal lifestyle, and their model of equality of the sexes
  15. How many different shaker communities would grow
    14 through married people, homeless people and orphans
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