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  1. Large estates built by wealthy Spanish ranchers in North America
  2. Military fort built by the Spanish
  3. Spanish for "the royal road" a route that liked Spain's colonies in the American Southwest with Mexico
    El Camino Real
  4. Native American revolt in the late 1600's in which the Pueblo temporarily drove the Spanish out of New Mexico
    Pueblo Revolt
  5. Place in colonial North America where settlers and Native Americans met to trade goods
    Trading Post
  6. Stream or over that flows into a larger river
  7. War in 1670's between Native Americans and English settlers living in New England
    king Phillip's War
  8. In the 13 Colonies the rugged stretch of land near the Appalachian Mountains
    Back country
  9. War fought by the British against the French and their Native American allies in North America, which was won by the British in 1763
    French and Indian War
  10. Native American rebellion led by the Ottawa leader Pontic in 1763
    Pontiac's Rebellion
  11. Law issued by King George III stating that colonists were no longer allowed to settle on land west of the Appalachian Mountains
    Proclamation of 1763
  12. Why did Spain want to establish a colony in Florida
    to prevent the French and British from gaining a foot hole.
  13. What were Pedro Menendez de Aviles's goals in Florida
    His mission was to find the French, defeat them, and take control of Florida for Spain.
  14. What did the Spanish find in New Mexico?
    • Pueblo,
    • Apache,
    • Navajo people,
    • hot/dry weather
    • grasslands
  15. Describe a Hacienda
    Large estates owned by wealthy ranchers self sufficient and home to many Native American workers.
  16. Explain the reasons for Pueblo Revolt
    Pueblo people were being mistreated by the Spanish
  17. what was the result of the Pueblo Revolt?
    Spanish were driven out of Mexico
  18. Who taught the French settlers to make birch-bark canoes?
    Native Americans
  19. Why did the French want to explore the Mississippi River?
    They wanted to find new land to build trading posts
  20. What is one way the French tired to find the Northwest Passage?
    They explored the Mississippi River
  21. What made New Orleans a good trading post?
    It was located at the Mouth of the of the Mississippi River.
  22. What happened when the English setters moved west?
    Native Americans resisted English settlement
  23. Why did Metacom wage war against the settlers?
    He was trying to force the English out of New England.
  24. How did the French and Indian War begin?
    The war began when the French and British began to fight over control of the Ohio River Valley.
  25. What helped the British win the French and Indian War?
    British sent over more soldiers and the Iroquois also helped them
  26. What was the effect of the French and Indian War on New France?
    The British won and they took over most of New France
  27. What were other effects of French and Indian War?
    • Spain took over French lands west of Mississippi,
    • British took over many Native American Lands,
    • British settlers were eager to begin moving onto this new land.
  28. Essay Q:
    What benefits resulted from the relation ship of the French and the Native Americans in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River region?
    • French traders learned who to build canoes and snowshoes.
    • Trading posts offered Native Americans opportunities to trade with French.
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