1. How long does it take for lithium to take effect
    5 to 6 days
  2. What are the side effects of lithium
    With RG, headache, fatigue, recent memory loss, hand tremors, muscle weakness
  3. How do you administer listen and what are the normal serum levels. What levels of lithium are toxic
    Administer with meals and normal serum levels are 0.5 - 1.5 in Eq/L . 1.5-2 are toxic
  4. How often should you monitor lithium levels and what mineral does it deplete
    Monitor levels 2 times a week, with him to plead serum sodium levels, half life is 24 hours
  5. What is ritalin made of and what are the side effects
    Methylphenidate , main side effect is weight loss
  6. How long does it take for an antidepressant to take effect . What should you tell your patience about these meds
    24 weeks . Informed patient that St Johns wart and ginkgo Bilibo interact with antidepressants . These birds are also used alone to treat mild depression
  7. Tricyclic antidepressants. Which receptor is being blocked? Which neurotransmitter is are being blocked? What is a prototype name?
    Amitriptyline, used for major depression, blocks histamine receptors, blocks the uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin, causes sympathetic responses I.e. dry mouth, sedation
  8. SSRI's. Which neurotransmitter is being blocked? What is the prototype name? What is serotonin syndrome and why is it caused?
    Fluoxetine or Prozac. Zoloft, commonly prescribed. Block serotonin reuptake only. For major depressive disorder ones I do this orders. Fluvoxamine is for OCD in children and adults. Serotonin syndrome occurs with simultaneous use with maoi and TCA's. Serotonin syndrome causes mental confusion, difficulty concentrating, fever, education, exactly, hallucinations, in coordination, hyperreflexia, diaphoresis, and tremors
  9. What do MAOI'S do.
    Blocks the enzymes for the sympathetic system. Blocks norepinephrine, dopamine, certainly uptake, this result in more serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine in the system.
  10. What causes a hypertensive crisis
    Occurs in result of food and drug interactions with maoi. Sympathomimetic like effects occur in hypertensive crisis.
  11. What will happen if mixing maoi and SSRI
    May lead to hypertensive crisis
  12. What you do not mix with maoi
    Foods that contain tire mean such as aged cheese, Swiss, cheddar, cream, yogurt, coffee, chocolate, bananas, raisins, Italian green beans, liver, pickled herring, sausage, soy sauce, yeast, beer, red wines. Also do not mix CNS stimulants or sympathomimetic drugs . Could lead to hypertensive crisis
  13. What is nardil
    An maoi. Avoid rapid discontinuation, rebound effects occur. Orthostatic hypertension, insomnia, sympathomimetic like reactions
  14. What is parnate
    Maoi. Side effects include orthostatic hypertension, agitation, restlessness, insomnia. Take early in the day to prevent insomnia. Blocks dopamine 2 receptor. Dopamine is unbalanced.
  15. What is succinylcholine used for
    Use for surgical skeletal muscle relaxation, endoscopy or intubation. Side effects are malignant hypothermia. Antidote is Dantrolene
  16. What is percocet
    Oxycodone and acetaminophen
  17. What does vicodin
    Hydrocodone and acetaminophen
  18. what medication can you give for migraine headaches
    Ergotamines or imitrex cause vasoconstruction. Person senses aura, and should take med at the onset of aura. Side effects are chest pain and med is contraindicated with coronary artery disease.
  19. What kind of med is augmentin or zosyn
    Both of these are Cillin medications given with beta lactamase inhibitor. Be aware these are penicillin derivative meds
  20. What are quinolones or floxacin group
    Antibiotics. Biggest concern is tendon rupture has been linked to this group of medications. Should not be utilized in children and those who have muscular tissues, or complain of muscular pain
  21. What do you give someone is having an allergic reaction
    Epi pen or epinephrine pen, after injection make sure to massage for 10 seconds
  22. What is the first medication use for HIV
    Zidovudine. Known to cause anemia
  23. What's a cancer medication
    Methotrexate, signs of toxicity is stomatitis (inflamation in the mouth affecting the mucous membranes)
  24. What is Epogen or epoetin.
    Medication that builds RBC's to resolve anemia. The lab that needs to be monitored is Hg Or hemoglobin. As mentioned before the side effect to look for is high blood pressure related to the increase of RBC's. The medication is given for anemia. Anemia is monitored by HG
  25. What are the symptoms for hypoglycemia
    Headache, lightheadedness, nervousness, trimmers for generating S, cold and clammy skin, tachycardia, confusion, and drowsiness.
  26. What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia
    Polydipsia or excessive thirst, polyurea or excessive your invite him, and polyphagia or excessive hunger.
  27. Reportable findings of ace inhibitors
    Irritating dry cough, discontinue mad or hold it
  28. What should you watch for when administering warfarin or IV heparin
    Watch for blood in stools, stools will appear black and tarry like
  29. What is the normal potassium level. What do you do if labs are off
    3.5 to 5.2 mEq. is labs are off, a holter monitor or an EKG should be placed a monitor for dysrhythmias.
  30. What is digoxin used for
    This medication is utilized to strengthen the contraction by slowing the heart rate. If given with lasix, the k+ levels will be low, and the digoxin toxicity will exist resulting in toxicity. Slowing the heart rate
  31. What is Timolol
    Eye medication. Beta 1 receptor blocker decreasing renin resulting in decreased fluid to the eye, this medication is utilized for glacoma 2. However this person can still have the heart rate decreased. Once a person has glaucoma they're on this medication for life
  32. If the person is allergic to shellfish then the person will also be allergic to what
    Iodine. Do not administer iodine contrast and call the MD
  33. What labs do you look for to diagnose diabetes insipidus
    Specific gravity or osmolality
  34. Accutane
    Medication use for Nigel acne. Extremely teratogenic. Birth control is a must
  35. What are cold symptoms?
    Rhinorrhea or watery nasal discharge, nasal congestion, cough and increased mucosal secretions.
  36. What causes nasal congestion
    Nasal congestion results from dilation of nasal blood vessels caused by infection, inflammation or allergies. With this dilation there is a transudation of fluid into the tissue spaces, resulting in swelling of the nasal cavity
  37. What are the four groups of drugs that control cold symptoms?
    Antihistamine or h1 blockers, decongestants or sympathomimetic amines, antitussive, and expectorants. These drugs can be use singly or combined
  38. What do antihistamines or h1 blockers do
    Compete with histamine for receptor site, preventing the histamine response
  39. What do decongestants do or sympathomimetic amines do . What are the side effects
    Stimulate the alpha adrenergic receptors, producing vascular construction within the nasal mucosa. Side effects include jitteryness nervousness or restlessness
  40. what is the purpose of antitussives. What are the side effects. In the pharmacokinetics
    Act on the cough control center in the medulla to suppress a cough reflex, which is the cough center. Use for non productive and irritating cough. Reduce viscosity of tenacious secretions. Dextromethorphan hydrobromide or robitussin is a non-narcotic antitussive . Side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and sedation. Onset 15 to 30 minutes, duration 36 hours, half life 11 hours
  41. What is the purpose of expectorants .
    Loosens bronchial secretion so they can be eliminated by coughing
  42. What is guaifenesin
    An expectorant
  43. What is dextromethorphan
    An antitussive
  44. What are some advantages and disadvantages of Nasal decongestants versus systemic decongestants
    Nasal decongestants work at the target organ, nasal area, localized effect. Oxymetazoline (Afrin) Nadal spray, rather than systemically like sudafedrin. Sudafed decreases effect of beta blockers.
  45. What is rebound congestion
    It is caused by irritation of the nasal mucosa frequent use of decongestants or when used for more than 5 days, especially in nasal spray or drops, can result in intolerance, in which rebound congestion occurs
  46. What is the difference between antibiotic verses medications at control cold symptoms
    Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial respiratory infections and the medications are used to treat or reduce the symptoms of a cold
  47. Review sympathomimetic and sympatholytic. How did it affect the respiratory system of smooth muscles
    Nasal decongestants (localized effects) stimulate alpha-1 adrenergic receptors produces nasal vascular vasoconstruction shrinks nasal mucous membranes reduces nasal secretions
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