LA2: Ruminant Parasites Part 1

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  1. What are the 6 trichostrongyles?BCCHOOT
    • bunostomum
    • chabertia
    • cooperia
    • haemonchus
    • oesophostomum
    • ostertagia
    • trichostrongylus
  2. Primary symptom of trichostrongyles?
  3. What do trichostrongyle eggs resemble on fecal flotation?
    hookworm eggs
  4. Trichostrongyle aka
    ruminant hookworm
  5. Where do adult trichostrongyles live?
  6. What is the intestinal threadworm?SP
    Strongyloides papillosus
  7. Symptoms of intestinal threadworm:DWH
    • D+
    • weight loss
    • hematochezia
  8. Intestinal threadworm is found free living in feces and females are
  9. Where does intestinal threadworm usually penetrate the host through the skin?
    b/t the hooves although can be ingested as well
  10. What are the 2 tapeworms?ME MB
    • Moniezia expansa-triangle
    • Moniezia bendini-square
  11. What is the symptom of tapeworm?
  12. What is the IH for tapeworm?
    orbatid grain mite
  13. What is the liver fluke?FH
    Fasciola hepatica(most economic importance of all flukes)
  14. What can liver fluke cause?
    liver rot
  15. The flat and leaflike adults of the liver fluke can be found where?
    bile ducts
  16. What do you need to do to find the heavy, oval, yellow/ brown, operculated eggs of the liver fluke?
    fecal sedimentation
  17. What are the coccidia?EBEZ
    • Eimeria bovis- oval
    • Eimeria zuenii-circle
  18. Symptom of coccidia?
  19. COccidia are protozoa that you treat with
  20. What id cryptosporidia?CP
    Cryptosporidium parvum
  21. How is the protozoan cryptosporidia transmitted?
  22. Cyrptosporidia causes GI symptoms and is common in who?
    calves and crias
  23. Cryptosporidia is zoonotic. How do humans get it?HIC
    • handling infected animals and feces
    • infected water
    • contaminated food
  24. How do you dx cryptosporidia?
    fecal w/ sugar solution
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