5. Describe character

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  1. Talk too much, usually without listening to other people
    Like/love own voice
  2. not be polite or patient with people you think are less intelligent than you
    not suffer fools gladly
  3. very strong and able to bear pain, criticism, etc. without complaining
    (as) tough as old boots
  4. when you consider obvious things
    • on the surface
    • deep down
  5. hide your feelings so that you appear calm and controlled
    play it cool
  6. controlled or influenced by sb
    under sb's thumb
  7. become angry easily and often
    have a quick temper
  8. (of a person) very stupid
    (as) thick as two short planks
  9. strange or crazy
    • (as) mad as a hatter
    • barking (mad)
  10. likes her very much
    He's mad keen on her
  11. very angry
    hopping mad
  12. a person who likes to do the same thing at the same time on a regular basis
    a creature of habit
  13. a person who is lively and full of energy and enthusiasm
    a live wire
  14. 1. a lively and intelligent person
    2. a person who has done sg stupid
    bright spark
  15. a person from whom you can easily get money because they are kind or easy to deceive
    a soft touch
  16. a person or thing whose qualities are abilities are not yet known
    an unknown quantity
  17. a good, reliable, honest person
    the salt of the earth
  18. a person or group considered to be extremely unpleasant or evil
    the scum of the earth
  19. a person who is too clever to be tricked by other people
    • nobody's fool
    • no fool
  20. a person who is unpleasant, unkind, or dishonest
    a cold fish
  21. a person who always does what he/she has promised to do
    a man/woman of his/her word
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