at stack of shit for lifespan. mostly late adulthood

  1. after empty nest, marital satisfaction _____ unless the parents lived ___ through the children
    skyrockets; vicariously
  2. in neugartens study for people between 40-80 years if they exhibit 
    -coping styles
    -life satisfaction
    -being goal directed
    stable pee poes
  3. in the costa and macraes baltimore study
    are 5 factors that remain stable throughout adulthood
  4. conscientiousness peaks in
  5. agreeableness peaks in
    early and middle adulthood
  6. neuroticism goes down in
    early adulthood
  7. openness is highest in _____ and ____ ____ and lowest in late ____
    adolescence and early adulthood; late adulthood
  8. -intellectually oriented
    -self confidence
    -open to new experience
    in the berkely longitudinal study from early adolescence to midlife's most stable factors
  9. -self control which increases with age
    -nurturing vs hostility
       -nurturing increases with age
    in the berkely longitudinal study from early adolescence to midlife's changing factors
  10. -looked only at women from -27-40
    -decline with age in traditional feminine attitudes
    -became more dominant with age and displayed more emotional stability
    -developed interest outside of family
    helsons mills college study
  11. average lifespan of someone born presently
    78 years
  12. which country has the highest life expectancy and why
    japan, diet
  13. 65-74 is considered ___ old
  14. 75-84 is considered ____ old
    old old
  15. 85 and up is considered ___ old
  16. in late adulthood there is an expected ___ in working memory
  17. in late adulthood there is a _____ decline in episodic memory
  18. two areas that there should not be a decline in are
    implicit and semantic memory
  19. ____ of people above the age of 80 have dementia
  20. most common forms of dementia
    alzheimers and vascular
  21. -significant problems with memory
    -global deterioration of mental functioning
    -poor language, judgement, visual, mood, self care, physical function
    in order to be dementia
  22. earliest risk for alzheimers
    deficits in episodic memory
  23. adjusting well to ____
    -adequate income
    -well educated
    -extended social network
    -satisfied with life before retirement
  24. difficulties with ____
    -strong attachment to work
    -long work history
    -lack of control over transition to ___
  25. maintaining a sense of ____ is a strong factor for men after retirement
  26. -reflecting on  past
    -review of life and satisfaction
    -if negative resolution to earlier stages, they are more prone to regret
    eriksons last stage
  27. -adults redefining their worth in something other than work and children
    -coping with decline in physical well being
    -being at ease even though death may be near
    pecks reworking of eriksons last stage
  28. -traditional view of aging
    -older adults cope by withdrawing
  29. -older adults should cope by becoming more socially active, physically active, and more productive
    -more satisfied and happy
    activity theory
  30. depression and suicide in the elderly doesn't increase from middle age-adulthood until we get to the ___ old group
    oldest. the gender gap with suicide disappears by age of 80
  31. -earlier depression
    -poor health
    -loss of spouse
    -other losses 
    -decline in social support
    predictors of depression in elderly
  32. ____ of people who complete suicide in the US are ___ and older, ____ and live alone
    25%; 65; male
  33. ways to kill selves by gender
    • male- guns, hanging
    • females- cutting, drug overdose
  34. women ____ more suicide but men ____ it more
    attempt; complete
  35. these symptoms that are common with dementia, area also common with ____. they must be ruled out to determine if its dementia
    • -difficulties with attention
    •    -could be due to depression
    • -massive state of confusion
    • -biological cause? (if so, delerium)
    •     -fever, infection, head injury, poor nutrition
  36. year alzheimers was discovered in
  37. typical onset of alzheimers
    • -90% are over 65
    • -10% are before 65
  38. presenile onset of alzheimers can begin as early as
    30, if this is the case it is usually genetic
  39. from diagnosis, it usually takes about ___ to ____ years to die
  40. -mild memory problems
    -episodic memory problems
    -poor attention
    -word naming problems
    -distant memories stay intact
    most common symptoms in early stages of alzheimers
  41. -language problems worsen
    -personality changes occur
    alzheimers symptoms in middle stages
  42. -difficulties with simple things (shaving/showering)
    -poor orientation to time, person, place, etc.
    -poor judgement
    -bed ridden
    later phases of alzheimers
  43. -being active
    -PERCEIVED control
    -optimistic attitude
    -compensating for losses
    -emotionally selective (dont sweat it!)
    successfully aging for satisfaction
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