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  1. what does the mesosalpinx connect the ovaries too?
    to uterine tube
  2. What does the mesovarium connec the ovaries to?
  3. what are the stages of follicule development?
    • primordial (prior to birth)
    • primary (estrogen secretion begins)
    • secondary (antrum appears)
    • vesicular (mature)
    • ruptured (during ovulation)
    • corpus luteum (secretes hormones)
    • corpus albicans (scar)
  4. what is the process of ovum development?
    • oogonia (stem cells)
    • primary oocyte (mitosis)
    • secondary oocyte (meisois I)
    • fertilization complete
  5. what are the parts of the uterine tube?
    • infundibulum - next to fimbriae
    • ampulla - site of fertilization
    • isthmus - joins to uterus
    • interstitial segment - through uterine wall
  6. what are the 4 regions of the uterus?
    • fundus
    • body
    • isthmus
    • cervix
  7. what does the broad ligament attach the uterus to ?
    to wall
  8. what does the round ligament attach the uterus to?
    labia majora
  9. what does the transverse cervicle ligaments attatch the uterus to?
    lateral pelvic wall
  10. what does the uterosacral ligaments attach the uterus to?
    to sacrum
  11. what are the 3 layers of the uterine wall?
    • perimetrium
    • myometrium
    • endometrium
  12. what are the 3 stages of ovarian cycle?
    • follicular
    • ovulation
    • luteal
  13. what occurs during hte follicular phase of the ovarian cycle?
    stimulates follicular development and secretion
  14. what occurs during the luteal phase of the ovarian cycle?
    • ruptured follicle become corpus luteum
    • LH stimulates corpus luteum to secrete
  15. what are the 3 phases of the uterine cycle?
    • menstrual
    • proliferative
    • secretory
  16. what do the hormones in the follicular phase (estrogen) control?
    proliferative phase
  17. what do the hormones in the luteal phase (progesterone) control?
    secretory phase
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