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  1. tight junction
    seals neighboring cells together in an epithelial sheet to prevent leakage of molecules between them
  2. adherens junction
    joins an actin bundle in one cell to a similar bundle in a neighboring cell
  3. desmosome
    joins the intermediate filaments in one cell to those in a neighbor
  4. gap junction
    forms channel that allow small water-souble molecules, including ions, to pass from cell to cell
  5. hemidesmosome
    anchors intermediate filaments in a cell to the basal lamina
  6. cyclic ACP pathway
    GPCR--------G protein----adenylyl cyclase---cyclic AMP-----PKA
  7. Calcium pathway
    GPCR--------G-protein--------phospholipase C---------- IP3-------Ca2+--------- PKC
  8. tyrosine kinase pathway
    RTK---------Adapter protein----------SOS (ras activator protein)------MAPKKK----MAPKK------MAPKK
  9. Survival cell pathway
    RTK------PI 3 kinase----- Phosphorylated inositol phospholipid----- protein kinase 1----- Akt kinase--------"Bad"
  10. Tyrisine kinase receptor is special because
    special because it’s a dimer, it’s also an enzyme coupled receptor aka enzyme is partof receptor
  11. Ras is a
    small one unit g-protein. Also a protooncogene
  12. Steroids go to intercellular receptors through
    diffusion because they’re very ------------- Part of ----------- pathway
    • hydrophobic
    • slow
  13. microtubules made of
  14. intermediate filaments made of
    • keratin in epithelial cells
    • vimentin in muscle
    • neurofilaments- nerve cells
    • nuclear lamins- nuclear lamina
  15. neuron tracks are made of
  16. actin used for
    for some transport and movement too, filopodia micropodia ect
  17. oncogene
    gain of function gene that causes cancer
  18. Tumor suppresser gene receive ---- mutations?
    Loss of function as these genes are what would normally kill a cell/stop cell proliferation but now it won’t work
  19. PRB is an example of a tumor suppressor

    Cyclin D promotes transcription through E2f andPRB blocks E2FAs E2F promotes proliferation with cyclin
  20. -------- is dominant
    oncogene, will show up with one mutation
  21. ------- is recessive
    loss of function- it requires 2 mutations (one in both alleles) to act in cell
  22. actin made of -------- while microfilament made of----------
    • actin-atp
    • microfilament-gtp
  23. crypt of the gut
    is where stem cells originate
  24. lysosome are ---- in
    acidic, high H+ concentration
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