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  1. Mannitol Salt Agar yellow
    Mannitol positive, gram positive cocci, probably Staph aureus
  2. Manitol Salt Agar pink
    Mannitol Negative, gram positive cocci
  3. Bile Esculin Azide (BEA) Black precipitate
    Probably Enterococcus Faecalis
  4. Blood Agar Plate - Clears color
    Beta Hemolysis. Strep pyogenes
  5. Blood Agar Plate Green Colonies
    Alpha Hemolysis- Strep pneumoniae
  6. Blood Agar Plate No color change
    Gamma hemolysis.
  7. Positive for Catalase (Which species?)
    Staph species
  8. No catalase, no growth on MSA (Which species? plural)
    Streptococcus and Enterococcus
  9. Kligler Iron Agar (KIA) Yellow/Yellow
    Lactose positive A/A
  10. Kligler Iron Agar (KIA) Orange/Yellow
    Proteus mirabilis K/A Lactose Negative
  11. Kligler Iron Agar (KIA) Black precipitate
    H2S positive
  12. MacConkey Agar (MAC) Pink
    Lactose positive
  13. MacConkey Agar (MAC) No color change
    Lactose Negative
  14. Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) Green or Purple
    Lactose fermenter
  15. SIM Black on top
    Indole positive
  16. SIM medium shows what three results
    Indole, Motility, H2S
  17. Vogues-Proskauer (Red)
    Positive, ferments glucose
  18. Vogues-Proskauer (Yellow)
    Negative, no glucose fermentation.
  19. Citrate Test (Green)
    Negative, cannot use citrate as sole carbon source
  20. Citrate Test (Blue)
    Positive, can use citrate as sole carbon source.
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