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  1. workers refusing to work until employers met their demands
  2. a person who sets up and runs a business
  3. very tall buildings
  4. a group of workers that join together yo improve working conditions
  5. an economic system in which people are free to start and run their own business with limited government control
    economic enterprise
  6. poorly built apartment buildings
  7. government controls placed to limit immigration
  8. this allows workers to discuss and agree on working conditions
    collective bargaining
  9. a public announcement that tells people about a product or opportunity
  10. the immigrant who wrote "The Stars and Stripes Forever"
    John Philip Sousa
  11. an engineer who believed in the idea of building the transcontinental railroad
    Theodore Judah
  12. Stanford, Huntington, Hopkins and Crocker
    The Big Four
  13. built oil refineries and owned the Standard Oil Company
    John D. Rockefeller
  14. used steel cables and beams to build suspended bridges
    John Roebling
  15. labor leader who helped start the AFL [American Federation of Labor]
    Samuel Gompers
  16. invented the telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell
  17. built steel mills and became very wealthy
    Andrew Carnegie
  18. used steel frames to construct much larger buildings
    William Jenney
  19. which two immigrant groups were used to help build the Transcontinental Railroad
    Irish and Chinese
  20. what did the United States Government do to speed up work on the transcontinental railroad
    passed the pacific railroad act
  21. why was the transcontinental railroad so important
    people living on the two coasts of America were too far away
  22. list at least two people in chapter five who best fit the description for entrepreneur
    Andrew Carnegie and and John D. Rockefeller
  23. which inventor was responsible for inventions that made electricity available to the nations homes and factories
    Thomas Edison
  24. how did advertisement increase immigration to the United States
    most immigrants came to America because of advertisements
  25. after arriving in the United States where did most immigrants settle
  26. where did most immigrants live in the late 1800s and early 1900s
  27. what did Jane Addams do
  28. what is a settlement house?
    a community center where people could learn new skills and get food and medical care
  29. explain the great migration
    people looked for a new life opportunity by moving to America they also left their homes for freedom and family
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