U.P.S. Driving

  1. Rule 1. Aim High In Steering
    Imaginary target - baseball or dartboard.

    Centers car in traffic lane: Safe path on turns

    "Find Safe Path Well Ahead"
  2. Rule 2. Get The Big Picture
    How wide and deep? What's in it? Objects and ground.

    Keeps you away from billboards. Smooths stops and turns. Buys time.

    "Stay Back And See It All"
  3. Rule 3. Keep Your Eyes Moving
    Move eyes: Front 2 seconds. Rear 5-8 seconds

    Keeps you alive at intersections. Keeps eyes ahead of cars.

    "Scan, Don't Stare"
  4. Rule 4. Leave Yourself An Out
    Have escape route. Take path of least resistance.

    Space on all six sides, but always in front.

    "Be Prepared, Expect The Unexpected"
  5. Rule 5. Make Sure They See You
    Communicate in traffic; horn, lights, signals.

    Establishes eye to eye contact.

    "Don't Gamble, Use Your Horn, Lights And Signals"
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U.P.S. Driving
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