Dec 9. Chapter 5. Social studies

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  1. workers refusing to work until employers meet their demands
  2. a person who sets up and runs a business
  3. very tall buildings
  4. a group of workers who join together to improve working conditions
    labor union
  5. An economic system that lets people start and run their own biz
    free enterprise
  6. poorly build apartment bildings
  7. government controls that were place to control immigration
  8. allows workers and employers to discuss and agree on working conditions
    collectve bargaining
  9. a public announcemtn that tells people about a procuct or opportunity
  10. immgrant who wrote the Stars and Stripes forever
    John Phillip Sousa
  11. An engineer who believed inthe idea of building the trans continental railroad
    theadore Judan
  12. Stanford, Huntington, Hokins, and Crocker
    The Big Four
  13. Build Oil refineries and owned Standar Oil Company
    John d Rockefeller
  14. Used steel cables to build suspended bridges
    John Roebling
  15. labor leader who helped to start the AFL american federation of labor
    Samuel Gompers
  16. invented the telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell
  17. built steel mills and became very wealthy
  18. used steel frames to consturuct much taller buildings
    William Jenney
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